8 Beverages We Want To Chug In Skyrim

Skyrim is filled with various food and beverages, ranging from entire cheese wheels to incredibly strong alcohol. If you have ever played Skyrim and thought that these beverages look quite tasty, you are not alone. Many of these beverages look appealing, and some even have a real-life counterparts.

Here, we are going to look at some of the most chug-worthy drinks in Skyrim. If you are interested in these drinks, we will also include a real-world equivalent to help you fully embody the Dragonborn. Now, let's take a look at one of the most popular drinks in the game; Skooma.

8 Skooma

  • Equivalent: Jim and Tonic Absinthe 69% ABV

We can't have a list of beverages in Skyrim without mentioning Skooma. This drink is technically illegal and often times used as a narcotic. The game describes Skooma as very addicting, with no cure for the addicted.

This drink is made with Nightshade and moon sugar, so it’s safe to say that this drink is very sweet. Although it’s a narcotic in the game, the brand Jim and Tonic released a special Skyrim ‘Skooma’, made with Absinthe. This real life version of Skooma even comes in the purple bottle you can see pictured above.

7 Matze

  • Equivalent: Sake

Next, we have Matze. This drink is available in the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim, and is made out of saltrice. This is the cheapest beverage in Tamriel, and is prevalent pretty much anywhere.

Matze is described as ‘invigorating’, which may mean that it contains caffeine. Overall, a caffeinated rice-beer that is easy to make and buy sounds like a good deal. Due to its popularity, it's worth trying Matze at least once. As an added bonus, Matze comes in a cute stone container.

6 Black-Briar Mead

  • Equivalent: Blackberry Mead

    • You can make this mead with the Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook

    Black-Briar Mead plays a key part in the main story of Skyrim. While visiting Riften, you will get the chance to sneak into the Black-Briar Meadery and steal some of this drink.

    In the official Elder Scrolls cookbook, you can make your own Black-Briar mead with blackberries, cinnamon, cloves, honey, and rosehips. These ingredients combined sound delicious, and thankfully, you can make this in real life. Mead is referred to as ‘honey wine’, so it goes without saying that this is like a sweet blackberry juice.

    5 Honningbrew Mead

    • Equivalent: Apple Mead

      • You can make this mead with the Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook

      Honningbrew Mead is the counterpart to Black-Briar Mead. In the game, these two companies go head-to-head, but fortunately, you can drink both of them. Rather than blackberries, Honningbrew Mead is made from apples, making it a honey apple mead.

      Overall, mead is one of the tastier alcoholic drinks, so when combined with apples, you are looking at an adult version of apple juice. Like Black-Briar Mead, you can find this recipe in the Elder Scrolls cookbook as well.

      4 Mead With Juniper Berry

      • Equivalent: Juniper Berry Mead

      The final mead on our list is called Mead with Juniper Berry. Juniper berries look like blueberries, but they have a bit more ‘spice’ and are often used to flavor alcohol.

      These little berries can be picked in the winter, making Mead with Juniper Berry the ultimate cozy winter drink. In the game, you can find Mead with Juniper Berry in Helgen, a town that you will visit at the start of the game. Unfortunately, the town is destroyed during the prologue, but you can still get your hands on Mead with Juniper Berry.

      3 Argonian Ale

      • Equivalent: Ale

      Argonian Ale is another popular drink that originates from Argonia, home of the Argonians. This unique reptilian race is much different from the other playable races in Skyim, which makes their beverages quite interesting.

      Youtuber SillyGoose Content has their own recipe for Argonian Ale, consisting of stout, one egg, brown simple syrup, brandy, and banana liqueur. This interesting combination of ingredients makes for a delicious banana-flavored drink.

      2 Argonian Blood Wine

      • Equivalent: Blood Orange Wine

      Argonian Bloodwine is available in the Hearthfire DLC of Skyrim. This wine gives you the ability to breathe underwater, like the Argonians can do naturally. This fact alone makes Argonian Bloodwine an interesting concept in the real world, but unfortunately, we can’t brew magical wines just yet.

      This wine does not actually contain any blood; instead, it uses blood oranges, giving it a strong citrus taste. There is a wide variety of recipes online for this drink, but most of them use a citrusy fruit that gives the wine a ‘kick’.

      1 Firebrand Wine

      • Equivalent: Fireball

      Lastly, we have Firebrand Wine. This is an unobtainable drink in Skyrim, and is a bit of a mystery, which makes it even more appealing. Merchants do not sell this wine, but many gamers think that it could be made with fire salts, giving it a bit of a spicy kick.

      In the quest Scoundrel’s Folly, a case of Firebrand Wine is used to bribe Gulum-Ei. This may mean that Firebrand Wine is tasty enough to use as payment. Either way, a spiced wine sounds delicious.

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