8 Best Online Slot Themes for Men

If you’re an avid slot fan and have been enjoying playing slots for some time, you may have noticed that your gambling habits have changed a little over time – maybe you’re spending a lot more time playing the best slot games online at than if your local casino or maybe you’re enjoying slot apps from the comfort of your own sofa instead of playing on your desktop.

How we enjoy slots and gambling isn’t the only thing that’s changed over the years – the demographic of players has changed, too, with many women enjoying slots just as much as men. As a result, more slot games than ever are embracing this new and diverse demographic, releasing slots that are geared towards females, with slots based on hit TV shows enjoyed mainly by females such as Sex & The City. But don’t stress guys – if Sex & The City isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for something a little more stereotypically macho, there are plenty of slot titles to choose from so you’re sure to find one which is right up your street. Here are some of the best online slot themes for men – although, no doubt many women would enjoy them too!

1. Sport-themed slots

From boxing and tennis to football and racing, no matter which sport you’re into, there are plenty of sport-themed slots that will get the adrenaline pumping and leave you cheering.

If you love a good old kick about there are plenty of football-themed slots to play and soon, we will without a doubt see more skill-based slots being developed which allows players to virtually kick a ball into a goal to win prizes. One exciting slot game to get stuck into is Football Frenzy which is an animated slot with 50 pay lines which players love not only for its impressive progressive jackpot but also for its innovative features.

2. Adventure-themed slots

If it’s an action-packed adventure you’re looking for, there are myriad slot games that are filled with elements of adventure, danger, quests, and battles. From warriors to ninjas, Norse Gods, Spartans, and samurais, there is an untold adventure waiting for you. One extremely popular epic-inspired slot is Asgard which will transport you into a world filled with the powerful Norse gods where you’ll meet Thor, the all-powerful Odin, and the mischievous and magical Loki.

Adventure slots list –

3. Cops & Robbers inspired slots

Who didn’t love playing cops and robbers when they were a kid? This theme brings back feelings of nostalgia for players and there are plenty to choose from, especially if you like super-hero inspired slots like Batman which is an exciting video slot game based on the DC comic hero who fights criminals by night. If you’re looking for a brilliant and highly lucrative cops and robbers themed slot game you can’t go wrong with Cash Bandits which comes with an impressive prize of 30,000 x your wager as well as not one, but two huge jackpots which can all be won fair and square!

4. Movie-themed slots

One of the most popular themed slots is inspired by legendary movies. Men are keen on action-packed, testosterone-boosting movies like “Gladiator”, “Terminator 2” and such. Slot machines that feature scenes from the famous Russell Crow movie give the players cinematic experience while at the same time filling their pockets. The creators incorporated the original soundtrack and some of the most famous movie scenes and quotes. It’s a true experience for male players and it quickly became one of the top 5 games played by men.

Besides the bloody action movies, the slot game creators made other movie genre-related slots, like the comedy “The Hangover”. The game includes legendary quotes from all four main characters Stu, Doug, Phil, and Alan, and their epic adventure in Las Vegas. The famous bachelor party was captured in a slot game with the songs from the movie and the hysterical Mr. Chow.

5. Superhero slots

Nothing spikes up the beast in men like watching superhero movies. Characters are relatable and the special powers are spiking up their macho image about themselves. Superhero movies long surpassed the kid’s category and became wildly popular among the male population. Slot machine makers took advantage of this hype and created many slots featuring different superheroes, including “Iron man”, “Batman”, “Superman”, “Dr. Strange”, and almost every other movie from this genre. Photos, music and famous quotes are all originally from the movies making the game even more fun.

6. TV Shows

Everyone loves TV shows and quizzes. Slot machines feature original sounds from the shows, adding to the experience. TV hosts have their own little sayings that became famous that can also be heard in slot machines. “Who wants to be a millionaire” is a world-famous show that aired in every corner of the world. Slot games that boast these themes became as popular as their show originals. “Deal or no deal” is another super-popular slot game featuring the smiley face of Howie Mandel pointing a finger at players. The slot plays the original sound effects, cues, and soundtrack.

7. Outer-space slots

Men enjoy cosmos, stars and space inspired movies and, naturally, slot machines. Si-fi slots are especially vibrant in colors, lightening up like a Christmas tree with every spin. Visually stunning with amazing graphics, these slots attract men and women alike. If they are movie-themed like Star Wars, then the experience is complete. Music is fitting for cruising the outer space, along with the sound effects of comets whooshing by. Shiny stars, space ships, and aliens complete the scenery.

8. Beautiful women

Beautiful women in skimpy clothes will always be popular among the male population. If you add gambling into the mix, it’s almost like heaven. The slot creators wisely made machines with photos of famous and ordinary women wearing bikinis, shorts, and other barely-there wardrobes, featuring every possible variation as long as hair color, eyes, and attributes. If a player happens to hit Playboy models on the reel, you guessed it – it’s a Jackpot!

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