8 Best Elden Ring Mods

Greetings from The Lands Between! The long-anticipated Elden Ring has been making headlines since its initial release, and not just in gaming circles. Publications like The New Yorker and NPR have been reporting on the game, opening it up to a brand new audience. Unlike other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has entered the zeitgeist of non-gamers, creating an interesting mix of feedback from industry professionals and journalists who have never reported on a game before.

Even though it was only released earlier this year, there are already numerous mods for it. And in the grand tradition of modding, some are quite serious and others are a bit more tongue-in-cheek. Here are a few choice selections if you’re interested in modding your own Elden Ring game without scouring NexusMods for what you’re looking for.

8 Pause The Game

Mod by TechieW and iArtorias

For those who are familiar with other Soulsborne games, particularly Dark Souls and Demon's Souls, this will seem like the luxury of all luxuries: the elusive pause feature. In the old days, if there was a knock at the door or your cat suddenly became interested in the wires behind your monitor, you had to risk death to deal with such interruptions.

With this mod, you’ll never again have to worry about wandering hordes of monsters attacking while you answer the phone or run to the fridge for a quick snack.

7 HDR Fix & ReShade

Mod by Vanguard1776

For those who truly want to appreciate the expansive landscape of Elden Ring, this mod is sure to impress. The HDR fix and reshade will increase the vibrancy and color of the game. While the game is already impressive to look at, this mod really showcases the game’s visual prowess and truly feels like watching a movie in high-definition.

This modder has created similar mods for several AAA games, all of which are just as impressive. And despite the increase in quality, the reshade mod is easy to download and won’t affect performance.

6 PS4/5 Controller UI

Mod by losh11

Are you tired of seeing Xbox controller instructions when you’re using a Playstation 4 or 5 controller? If so, this mod is a lifesaver for long-suffering Soulsborne players who’ve had to deal with similar issues in past FromSoftware games.

The issue: you connect your Playstation controller, but when you check for control information in-game, you’ll see a diagram for an Xbox controller. This isn’t particularly helpful. This mod will make sure to add Playstation controller UI to Elden Ring and keep you from having to perform a frustrating Google search or memorizing the button differences.

5 Easy Mode

Mod by odashikonbu

For many, the prospect of eliminating the challenge in a FromSoftware game may make their blood boil. But the fact of the matter is Soulsborne games are very difficult. So much so that many people will be too intimidated to try them.

For those who want to participate in the fun of Elden Ring without bashing their head against a wall, this mod is for you. It will reduce incoming damage by 50 percent, increase outgoing damage by 25 percent, and increase the number of Runes you find.

4 Prepare To Die (Hard Mode)

Mod by Silentverge

This one is the opposite of the previous mod and is for players seeking an intense challenge. Perhaps you’re old hat at these Soulsborne games and want another layer of pain added to gameplay. If so, this mod has you covered. It includes:

  • Enemy health is increased by 50 percent and enemy stamina is increased by 25 percent.
  • All enemy stats and resistances are now equivalent to enemies in New Game Plus.
  • Enemy AI and FOV are increased dramatically.
  • The player can only teleport to cathedrals and churches.

3 Skip The Intro Logos

Mod by TechieW

One of the simplest mods on this list, this one does one thing and one thing only: it removes the glaring logo screens when you boot up the game.

You might be asking yourself: why would I bother downloading a mod that only removes a screen that I have to look at for a handful of seconds? Many players have complained (a bit cheekily) about the blindingly white Bandai Namco logo that marks the start of your Elden Ring session. This will give you the ability to skip it and save your eyes a bit of strain.

2 Thomas The Tree Sentinel

Mod by skymoon

The now infamous Thomas the Tank Engine skin has made its way to The Lands Between. This is not a useful mod, nor is it necessarily visually spectacular. Instead, this mod injects a bit of humor and meme culture into Elden Ring.

One of the first bosses you’ll encounter is the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave. This mod replaces the Tree Sentinel’s mount with Thomas. If you want a good laugh and a bit more whimsy in your Elden Ring Experience, this is the mod for you.

1 The Grand Merchant

Mod by Vawser

There are several merchants scattered across The Lands Between. Each one has their own unique inventory and stock, meaning that if you’re in search of a specific item, you’re going to have to teleport. A lot.

If you find the idea of such a task bothersome, then you’re going to love The Grand Merchant. This mod unlocks all items in the Crafting Menu, and they are free to make. If you’re tired of item-hunting or want to craft your perfect Elden Ring character, this mod will simplify the process.

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