7 Lengthy DLCs Worth Sinking The Hours Into

When you’re favourite game ends, it's difficult to know where to go next. While starting a whole new adventure is always a good option, sometimes you just want to stay in the same world with the same cast of characters you’ve come to know and love. Fortunately, thanks to expansive expansions and delightful DLC, there are a plethora of ways to continue your favourite games in meaningful ways.

Most games offer a short piece of story DLC that barely hits the three-hour mark. However, there is a handful of lengthy DLC that considerably adds to your overall playthrough. With experiences offering perilous encounters with all-new villains and expansions that add entirely new areas for you to explore, these DLC are absolutely worth your time.

7 Blood And Wine – The Witcher 3

Blood and Wine is The Witcher 3’s critically acclaimed second and final expansion. It is by far one of the most ambitious DLCs ever created, offering an enormous experience on top of the base game’s staggeringly long main story. In Blood and Wine you’ll get access to a whole new region called Toussaint as well as a 15-30 hour story.

Exploring a vibrant new region brimming with colour and wine, you’ll get to meet a brand-new cast of characters, experience new gameplay mechanics, collect additional Gwent cards and fight new monsters. Its story captures the magic of the base game, offering an equal parts mysterious and thrilling narrative filled with the incredible writing the series is known for. Suffice to say, Blood and Wine is absolutely worth sinking the hours into.

6 Jaws Of Hakkon – Dragon Age Inquisition

In typical BioWare fashion, Dragon Age Inquisition is an incredibly long, ambitious and fantastical game. It’ll take you anywhere between 50-90 hours to beat the main game, depending on how much of the side content you interact with, which is an already impressive amount. However, the game had three additional pieces of DLC, all of which combined would take you another 30 hours easily.

By far, the best of the bunch is Jaws of Hakkon, a DLC that adds a new area called Frostback Basin. Filled with fearless warriors, a genuinely captivating story and one of the best regions in the game, Jaws of Hakkon expands on Dragon Age Inquisition in the best ways possible. For fans of the base game looking to lengthen their playthrough, this 10 hour DLC will offer you a satisfying Dragon Age experience.

5 Torna, The Golden Country – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

It's rare for a JRPG to get such a massive story expansion, with very few of them ever receiving DLC beyond new costumes. However, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 got an enormous 18-25 hour-long expansion that is accessible to absolutely anyone. Set hundreds of years before the base game, it explores a region of the world of Alrest that was previously mentioned but never seen. You take on the roles of returning characters with greatly altered personalities as well as a huge cast of fantastic new characters.

While the brand-new area is enormous, the DLC even takes you to locations featured in the base game that are significantly different due to the time difference. Suffice to say, this is a phenomenal DLC that offers a captivating story that even those who haven’t played the base game can enjoy, as well as several regions that are incredibly exciting to explore. It is a great DLC and a brilliant way to get into one of the best JRPGs on the Nintendo Switch.

4 The City That Never Sleeps – Spider-Man

There is a lot to love about the Spider-Man DLC, The City That Never Sleeps. It introduces a number of new villains and does a great job of fleshing them out in interesting ways. It also includes three different stories, essentially offering you three whole new mini Spider-Man adventures.

The DLC continues the main game’s fantastic writing while expanding on some of its more minor characters that tended to be shoved to the wayside a little too often. You’ll still be swinging through the streets of New York, but will now encounter a whole set of new challenges and events. While Spider-Man DLC isn’t the longest out there, it still offers around 9 hours of great narrative content and includes some of the friendly neighbourhood hero’s best villains and suits.

3 The Frozen Wilds – Horizon Zero Dawn

Like all good long DLC, Horizon Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds adds a brand-new area, bosses, monsters, characters and story for you to engage with. Exploring the Cut adds a whole new level of challenge to the game, and will test your skills in more ways than one. The new story brings a greater layer of depth to Aloy as well as expanding on the lore and cultures featured within the base game.

The Frozen Wilds is a fantastic example of how to do a major expansion for one of video gaming’s most popular titles. With the masterful writing, plot, characters and world of Horizon Zero Dawn to compete with, The Frozen Wilds had to condense those elements into a shorter experience. Fortunately, it succeeded, and it swiftly became one of the most memorable DLCs available. Averaging at around 14 hours, this will take you some time to complete, but it is absolutely worth it.

2 Iki Island – Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima’s compelling and incredibly cinematic narrative left players wondering where the series would go next. With the Legends expansion launching offering a more fantastical experience, it seemed as if that was the new direction. However, when its DLC Iki Island launched, players were greeted with a 10-hour-long expansion featuring a brand-new location, characters and story.

The Iki Island expansion is every bit as amazing as its base game. It continues the amazing storytelling of Ghost of Tsushima and adds in several new elements to keep things feeling fresh. The island of Iki is unbelievably gorgeous and a treat to explore, featuring new side content for you to complete. If you love Ghost of Tsushima, then you absolutely need to play Iki Island.

1 Far Harbor – Fallout 4

While not everyone loves the main story in Fallout 4, it's hard to argue that its mystery-focused DLC, Far Harbor, doesn’t exceed expectations in almost every way. Its grimy, gritty, and gory new world filled with new factions, monsters, and side content is every bit as captivating as Boston while offering something new and innovative for the series.

Far Harbor is widely considered one of, if not the, best Fallout 4 DLC, and for good reason. Its narrative is by far its best element, featuring a wide cast of intriguing characters and connections to the game’s original story. Coming in at around 15 hours long, it's a decent-sized DLC that’ll keep you entertained for quite some time.

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