7 Hidden Areas In Sniper Elite 5 Everyone Completely Missed

While the campaign of Sniper Elite 5 can be completed in about ten hours, you can easily quadruple that playing time if you are going for 100 percent completion. While it is tempting to use a guide to find all the hidden items and collectibles, the most fun can be had if you discover them yourself.

However, some areas can be particularly difficult to find, and even after playing through a mission multiple times, you may still end up missing them. Here are seven hidden areas that most players probably missed.

7 Spy Academy: Top Of The Monastery

Spy Academy is arguably the best mission in all of Sniper Elite 5 and takes you to stunning heights as you climb the monastery. Your main objective is located at the very top, after which you have to make your escape. Unless you are impeccable at stealth, chances are that you arrived at your main objective after some very intense shootouts.

In all of this turmoil, it can be easy to miss the ladder that leads to the bell tower, which is the actual highest point on this map. From here, you are treated to a stunning view over the surrounding area, and you can even spot the beach and bridge that you started from. If any of the enemies near the beach are still alive, now is a good time to go for some long-ranged kills.

6 War Factory: Vantage Point Near The Furnace

In the uppermost part of the map, there is a building with a hidden objective to sabotage a generator. Most players will approach this building either from the west (coming over the dam) or from the east (coming from the scrapyard). However, if you approach this building from the south, you will see a ladder.

Up on the roof, there is a ventilation shaft that you can open in true Batman fashion. Crouch and move through this opening, and you will discover a hidden area that offers a useful vantage point. From here, you can either start sniping away or plan your approach.

5 Secret Weapons: Abandoned House

In the corner of the map, towards the east, you will find an abandoned house. Climb up the drain pipe here, keep climbing, and you will eventually discover a balcony. From here, you can enter the house and descend the stairs to find this hidden area.

On the floor is a dead body with a personal letter nearby on the fireplace. By discovering this hidden area, you also unlock a new entry point for when you replay this mission.

4 Festung Guernsey: Church Tower

For this hidden area, you need to treat this more as an Assassin's Creed game rather than a Sniper Elite one. In the center of the map is a church that is easily missed, since there is no objective leading you here and there are a lot of impassable terrains directly south of it. With some careful exploring, you will discover some branches and ledges leading up to the church tower.

Climb up here like a true assassin, and you will discover a rifle workbench as well as an excellent vantage point to take out some enemies or plan your approach to the main objectives, such as the one in the hidden facility.

3 Occupied Residence: Farmhouse Attic

To the northwest of the mansion, you will find a small farmhouse adjacent to the river. This farmhouse is not related to any objectives and is rather out of the way from getting to the chateau, so most players will miss this farmhouse entirely in their first playthrough of the mission.

In addition, it is easy to miss the vines on the backside of this house, and at first glance, it appears as if the farmhouse only has one floor. However, by climbing up the vines, you discover a hidden attic, which also contains an SMG workbench, unlocking a new SMG component for your character.

2 Rubble And Ruin: Challenging Jump

Close to the marker to 'Kill Yoshikawa', there is a building at the corner of the plaza. Inside this building is a ramp to get to the second floor, as well as a generator.

The hidden area is easily missed and requires a somewhat challenging jump, especially if you are using a keyboard and mouse. Look for a hanging part of the flooring. Your goal is to jump towards and grab onto this piece of flooring. Climb up, and you will discover a hidden area with an SMG workbench as well as offering an excellent sniping position overlooking the plaza.

1 Atlantic Wall: Barn Attic

Right in the center of the map for the Atlantic Wall mission, you will find three farmhouse buildings. One of these contains one of the hidden items, namely the radio tin. After collecting it, you may think that you are done here and move on, but there is more to be found.

In an adjacent barn, there is a somewhat hidden ladder that you can only reach by crouching underneath a wooden bar. In the attic, you will discover a hidden area with a personal letter and some ammunition.

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