6 Perfect Pokemon For Your Holiday-Themed Team

Well, it appears that the holidays are upon us once again and it is the season to be jolly. If you're a Pokemon fan, you're sure to be thinking about putting together your perfect Pokemon team, especially with the recent release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl making your heart grow three times in size.

You were thinking about a holiday-themed Pokemon team, right? What better way could there be to spend your time? With so many Pokemon to choose from and only 31 days in the month, you'll want to get started as soon as possible! Don't worry though, as we have some perfect recommendations for you.


Is there an image as "picture-perfect winter landscape" as that of a snow-capped fir tree? No, there isn't. For that reason, Snover is the perfect lead for our team. Fir trees are evergreens that never lose their leaves and it's no surprise that this makes them the perfect indoor decorations for the holiday season. Chuck a Staryu on the top for the finishing touch.

Snover itself is an interesting Pokemon. It has the wonderful Snow Warning ability that summons a harsh hail into battle, though for the purposes of festivity and joy just pretend it summons snowflakes instead.

And let's not forget the Snoverberries that this Pokemon can grow on its body! These are sure to make for a healthy treat to combat all the sugary hot chocolates and big feasts we'll be gulping down.


When you think of "presents" it's hard not to think of the quintessential gift that you'd give to a child: a teddy bear. Naturally, Teddiursa is our second pick thanks to its adorable appearance and cuddleability. Just imagine one of these cute bears sitting atop a pile of colorful presents, perhaps with a bow wrapped around it. What an irresistible image.

One of Teddiursa's Pokedex entries states that its food becomes scarce in the wintertime and it needs to hoard food in special places. So really, by bringing a Teddiursa into your team and your home, you're being a fantastic person.


Reindeer are inextricably linked with the holiday season and there's a certain red-clad, jolly figure to blame for it. This pick could have easily been swapped for a Winter-form Sawsbuck and the big magical man himself has a Stantler pulling his sleigh in the anime – so we're taking the next logical step and going for Wyrdeer, Stantler's new evolution.

While we don't yet know all too much about this mystical reindeer, we do know that it's half Psychic-type and it grows extremely soft, warm fur that the inhabitants of the Hisui region treasure.

It may not agree to pull a sleigh for you, but Wyrdeer will certainly be a comforting presence – especially since it adds an air of calm maturity to this chaotic bunch of Pokemon.

Dynamax Alcremie

When it comes to food, the holidays are the time to really go big. You need the biggest starters, the biggest mains, and the biggest desserts. Enter Dynamax Alcremie and its towering stack of sweets. When it comes to the whole "Pokemon as food" debate, Alcremie really takes the cake. And another cake. And another.

If you ever find yourself needing to battle with this holiday-themed team, an Alcremie can really go far. They are pretty great Fairy-type special attackers and they'll pack a sweet wallop when Dynamaxed. Who cares about competitive tiers when you have a tiered cake Pokemon to love?

And don't forget, an Alcremie is dual-purpose! It's the only Pokemon in the world that can use the Decorate move, which it can use on a partner in battle. Not only does this exemplify the giving nature of the holidays but it's sure to help out when you're putting your decs up!


Try to think of a more holiday-appropriate bird than a good old-fashion Robin. I'm sure it's extremely difficult. That's why Fletchling is yet another perfect addition to our themed team, as it's based on the Japanese robin.

Put a Fletchling on a branch (or your Snover's arm) and you have the perfect backdrop for your annual greeting card!

This festive flitter of wings isn't just a cute and seasonal member of our already very adorable team, but it's useful, too! At level 10, Fletchling learns Ember – and what could be more useful on those dark, wintry nights when your hands are too frozen to strike the matches for your candles or your log fire?


Yeah, you all saw this one coming. Delibird really is the star of the show when it comes to the mashup of holiday cheer and the world of Pokemon. This jolly rockhopper penguin is basically Santa, down to its sack-like tail, its inability to go to sleep when it matters, and its penchant for giving out presents.

And yes, Present is even its signature move! It's a unique move in that it has two outcomes – it can either heal or damage the target. And isn't this just realistic? Haven't we all gotten a gift wrong and accidentally offended one of our loved ones? Or played a mean prank with a gag gift? Delibird is more accurate to the tradition of gift-giving than it lets on.

And with that, our holiday-themed Pokemon team is complete! Give them gifts, feed them the tastiest berries, and cherish them well into the New Year. A Pokemon is for life, not just for the holidays.

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