5 Tips For Playing Hitman 3 With PSVR

Hitman 3 is a very different beast in virtual reality. The first-person perspective alone is a pretty big change to how it feels to explore each mission, and with the addition of motion controls and spatial audio, you’re in for a real treat.

Yes, Hitman 3 is a very different experience when you’ve got a complete perspective and engagement switch from normal gameplay, which is why I’ve written down these five quick tips that will help you on your VR assassination adventures.

5 Becoming One Punch Man

We already know that both Agent 47 and Saitama are bald, but that is not where the comparisons between the two of them end. Typically Agent 47 has to choke enemies into submission to get them to stop talking, but in VR, it’s actually a fair bit easier.

As a VR player to knock out a guard or even a civilian, all you have to do is punch them. You hold R2 to make a fist and thrust your controller into whoever is bothering you. And just like that, they fall to the ground. This makes knocking out suspecting guards much faster and more convenient than in the game proper.

4 Smooth VS Snap

If you’re playing around in VR, you should take your time with each decision in the VR Comfort menu. Open up the start menu, scroll over to Options, and take a good hard look at the VR Comfort menu, as each choice in here can mean the difference between a great game and instant motion sickness.

Personally, I found the best option for me was to use the Smooth turning option. This can induce motion sickness in those not hardened to it, but Snap turning does exactly what it sounds like – makes you turn rapidly, and can feel disorienting. Smooth Snap is the halfway house between these two features.

I used both head-tracked turning and Smooth motion, but these features combined can result in swift nausea depending on how hardened you are to VR.

3 Staying Stealthy

It’s important to stay undercover even while in VR, and it’s more difficult to do this without a third-person perspective. Third-person allows you to see around walls and doors without having to pop out of cover – you also lose access to a mini-map while in VR, which is quite another problem.

Playing with PSVR is fun, but also makes things arguably more difficult – especially when crawling through some bushes, which literally cover your face in first-person. If you want to take Hitman seriously, VR isn’t the way to do it.

2 Up Close And Personal

I love looking an NPC dead in the eyes, and that’s possible in Hitman 3 while in VR, but this mode currently requires the use of motion controls with the DS4 controller, which can be a pain, especially if your PS camera is placed badly, you’re low on space, or you have the lightbar set to dim. Turn it up!

Also, be aware of the movements you are required to make in VR. You will need to physically lift your arms to strangle someone with a wire in VR, making tasks like this much more difficult, especially if you have any kind of disability that makes motion tiring.

1 Reset Your Perspective

Sometimes Hitman 3 can totally lose track of you, especially if you place the headset down. If this ever happens, save your game wherever you are stood, sit in position, and then reload the save you just made. This will reset the headset tracking in the game, perfect for those moments where you’re literally floating above Agent 47 in-game.

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