5 things the PS5 must change from the PS4 – Reader’s Feature

A reader offers up a list of changes for Sony’s next generation console, including an improved controller and less noise.

At the moment we know next to nothing about the PlayStation 5. In fact, we don’t even know if it’ll be called that (even though it blatantly will). So while I’m sure we’ll learn more next year these are the list of hardware priorities as I see it. I hope Sony will see them all as obvious, because they’ve all been problems with the PlayStation 4 and I’d like to see them fixed.

1. Noise
I’m not sure why Mark Cerny is always wheeled out by Sony as some sort of engineering genius. I’m sure he’ll pop up again for the PlayStation 5 but for me the one who deserves the praise is whoever makes the Xbox One run as a quiet as a mouse. The PlayStation 4, on the other hand, is so loud it is genuinely frightening to use sometimes, because it sounds exactly like it’s going to blow up. Even worse is it’s never clear why, as sometimes it’ll just seem to wake up for no reason and slowly build up in noise like a ticking time bomb. Whatever’s going on it really needs to be fixed, especially as Microsoft shows it shouldn’t be a problem.

2. DualShock 4
I’d argue that Sony should completely dump the traditional DualShock design because it’s outdated and only used for nostalgia, but they’re clearly not going to do that. But it still needs some significant changes. The triggers are unreliable and prone to breaking and even after fixing them the analogue sticks are still spongy and the rubber material too easy to rip. The whole thing feels lightweight and flimsy and just poorly laid out, to the point that both Microsoft and Nintendo’s joypads are much better. The biggest issue though is the battery life, which is just unacceptably low. And if I thought that was because of my point number five I’d be extra furious.

3. Backwards compatibility
Now we know that the PlayStation 5 is going to have backwards compatibility but the question is how good will it be? Sony clearly didn’t want to do it, and were forced into it by Microsoft making it a thing, but it needs to cover the same proportion of games and offer the same improvements. It also needs to include digital copies as well, not just discs. Microsoft has put a huge amount of effort into their backwards compatibility tech and if Sony is seen as below par then that’s going to look very bad for them.

4. PSN
Sony’s online has never been as good as Xbox Live, that’s just a fact. It’s got better over time, but it still has less options and, most importantly, is less reliable. For the next gen I want to see everything upgraded and that includes PSN not going down every five minutes or having shonky performance. They should also do something about PS Plus’ free games, which have been getting worse and worse for years now. I wouldn’t mind if that implied more money was going into the online infrastructure instead, but it really doesn’t feel like that.

5. Light bar
I know GC are going to agree with me on this one. The lightbar on the DualShock 4 is one of the most bizarre features I’ve ever seen on a console peripheral. It serves literally no purpose except to reflect in your TV screen, ruining the atmosphere of whatever you’re play. Some games turn the light green or red to show your health but this is completely pointless given that that information is always shown elsewhere and the light is on the back of the controller anyway – unless the idea was you were actually supposed to see the changing colours reflected in the TV! The only purpose it has is tracking for the VR camera, but that’s fine because when you’ve got the headset on you can’t see the TV, so why is it on at any other time?!

By reader Badgerman

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