5 PSVR Predictions For This Week's State Of Play Broadcast

This Thursday’s State of Play broadcast might not have much in store for PS5, but that’s a good thing if you’re a fan of PSVR.

Sony already confirmed that this week’s show, which airs 1pm PT on August 6, will mainly focus on PS4 and PSVR titles. With the next-generation of consoles landing later this year, it’s swan song time for these two systems and we’re hoping both will go out in style.

So here’s our five predictions for PSVR at this week’s show. Don’t forget Sony also said the show will mainly consist of third-party titles.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Release Date

This seems like the most likely announcement for this Thursday. A few months back the previously Oculus-exclusive Star Wars: Vader Immortal was confirmed to be coming to PSVR this summer. Well, summer’s nearly up and there’s no sign of the game just yet.  We’ve got our fingers crossed for an impending announcement of a date that’s, at the most, only a few weeks away.

Star Wars: Squadrons VR First Look

Funnily enough the other big game on the horizon for PSVR fans right now is another Star Wars game. Squadrons offers cockpit battles across a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. We’re yet to see official gameplay for the game’s optional VR support, but this seems like the perfect time to show it off in full force.

Iron Man VR Updates

The excellent Iron Man VR launched on PSVR at the beginning of July and, in a post-launch interview, the game’s developer confirmed to us that additional challenges and updates were in the works. If you’re wanting to throw PSVR users a quick bone, a quick look at what’s next for Iron Man VR seems like a safe bet. That said, with a focus on third-party games, Iron Man VR may be off the cards.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught/After The Fall Return

These two zombie games have been lurking in the shadows of late. We got an update on Onslaught at the VR Showcase back in June and an interview with developer Survios last month, but we haven’t heard a peep from After The Fall this year. Both are confirmed for PSVR, so we’re hoping we’ll see more from them in the near future. This seems like the perfect candidate.

A New PC VR Port? Boneworks/Vertigo/The Wizards

This being the tail end of the PS4’s life cycle, we’re not expecting too many big new games on PSVR’s horizon right now. That said, Sony could still score some quick wins with long-requested ports. Zulubo Productions’ Vertigo Remastered would find a nice home on the console, and The Wizards: Dark Times deserves a spot in the library. Boneworks might be a little more ambitious, but we’d be all for a port ahead of PS5 or after.

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