23 Years Later, Sakura Wars Gets An English Translation

Even 23 years after its original release on the Sega Saturn, fans of the Sakura Wars series have waited patiently for the first game in the series to get an English translation. With the latest title already available in Japan and soon to be released in the US, fans have finally had enough and took matters into their own hands by creating their own english translation of the Saturn game.

Fans who possess a modded Saturn or a powerful enough PC to run the Mednafen core on Retroarch will be able to get the English experience of a game lauded as one of the best of its era and the flashpoint for an insanely successful franchise. In addition to multiple sequels, the game proved to be wildly popular as an anime and manga. With Project Sakura Wars being the first new game in the series in 14 years, the fan translation of the original game is a welcomed surprise to many.

The wait is over! #SakuraWars is now, for the first time ever, playable in English on the #SegaSaturn! Head on over to check out the launch trailer where you can also find a link to the download. @cj_iwakura @Crouching_Mouse @MatatabiMitsu

— NSteam (@NoahSteam_) December 15, 2019

The announcement trailer of the fan patch comes as a long, arduous labor or love that involved the efforts of NSteam, cj_iwakura and countless others. In it, we are treated to screenshots and gameplay with the patch as well as a detailed list of those who contributed to a process 23 years in the making.

While Sega has no plans in regards of remastering or re-releasing the original games in an official capacity, this should be a nice little treat for fans who want to experience the beginning of the series without a Japanese class. Finding a Sega Saturn shouldn’t be tough, but getting it modded and coming across a copy of the game might take a few extra steps for some retro gratification, but it does drive home the fact that there’s nothing quite like a motivated fanbase.

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