1909 Honus Wagner Baseball Card Sells for $3.7 Million USD

The “Holy Grail” of baseball cards has just sold for an astounding $3.7 million USD to Real Estate Mogul Kurt Rappaport.

Only 60 examples of the 1909-11 T206 card of Honus Wagner were ever made, and when you factor in that the card is over a century old, you can start to understand the rarity of it. Rated at PSA 3, with only four other examples of the American baseball shortstop grading higher, Rappaport explains, “The 50 or 60 that exist in the world, this is one of the Top 5. There’s only 4 other cards that have graded any higher than this. These don’t come up to sale and I had the opportunity to buy it and I did.”

This card now sits below the record-breaking sale of the 1/1 autographed Mike Trout rookie card which sold for $3.9 million USD back in August.

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