100 Million People Are Playing This Brutal Tom And Jerry Game

It appears that Tom and Jerry lives on in the form of a mobile game launched in China a while ago, which, surprisingly, has actually become very successful.

Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted about the Tom and Jerry game, which has garnered popularity since its launch in May. He stated that the game has seen a great deal of success in Japan, with around 100 million registered players.

The Tom and Jerry game is an asymmetrical multiplayer title, identical to the likes of Dead by Daylight and others. Players can either control Tom, Jerry, or a Jerry lookalike. While the trailer isn’t all too explicit in its content, it appears that the main goal of the player playing Tom is to hunt down those playing Jerry, while dodging traps. Further, Tom gets to take advantage of cartoon-ish items, such as a fly swatter and a frying pan, and attack with them. Meanwhile, players who control Jerry have to survive the wrath of Jerry.

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With the help of an in-game currency, players can obtain various costumes for Tom and Jerry and can even choose younger variants of the cat and mouse.

While the game doesn’t look all that impressive in the gameplay video, its success speaks for itself. Reaching the 100 million mark shows that the Tom and Jerry brand still has an audience. There could be multiple reasons behind this.

It is unknown if the game will be released in the West. However, it’s questionable as to whether it would see the same success. It could be that this retro animation style is still making a comeback, or it could be a case of a developer trying to appeal to consumer nostalgia. Whatever it may be, we’re happy to see Tom and Jerry on our screens again.

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