10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy The Sims 4: Paranormal

The Sims 4: Paranormal is the most content crammed stuff pack we’ve seen so far. It contains a varied and plentiful selection of clothing and furniture as well as several new gameplay features. Each aspect of the pack works together to form a well-rounded experience.

For those who are unsure about what supernatural situations are in store for those who buy the pack here’s what you need to know before you hit that purchase button.

10 There’s A New Haunted House Lot Type

If you go into build mode you’ll see that there is a new lot type, haunted house residential. This works in a similar way to the Tiny Living Residential trait and will give your home some unique traits. This includes adding paranormal activity to the lot.

It will primarily function as a residential lot but the difference is in the unique lot features the trait turns on. These include ghostly goings-on that can terrify your Sims as well as visiting specters who may not always be friendly.

9 You Can Gain Gifts From Visiting Spectres

If your Sim can manage to communicate with the specters then you have a chance of gaining some unique gifts from them. However, this may not always go to plan as they can get very angry.

To help improve the mood of the specters Sims can offer them gifts. These have to be homemade but include baked brownies as well as crafted items such as candles, woodworking projects, artwork, or even socks!

8 Guidry Can Help You Out

If you need a hand understanding how to communicate with the specters or deal with any paranormal activity then Guidry has you covered. The overly flirty ghost will appear on your second night on a haunted lot and you can ask him about all things spiritual.

Guidry’s unique social menus guide you through different aspects of the pack including the medium skill, lot trait, and more. You can also build up a relationship with him, and even WooHoo together.

7 Living In A Haunted House Is Rewarding

If you can survive the uncertainty of living in a haunted house then you’ll be handsomely rewarded for it. Every night your Sim spends there will give them 125 reward points.

For those willing to take on a more unpredictable challenge you can set the house to “heroic mode” using the hand statue. This means spirits will more frequent and meaner but you’ll gain 250 reward points per night.

Save up for the Brave trait at a cost of 8000 to make the nights more bearable as your Sim learns not to cower in terror as often.

6 You Can Learn The Medium Skill

If you want to cleanse the spiritual energy in your home then the Medium skill is what you need. Sims can use the séance table to help perform rituals that will calm any spirits on the lot.

The Medium skill is also required for other aspects of the pack. These include the ability to summon Bonehilda as well as the skills required to gain your Paranormal Investigator License.

5 Mediums Can Become One With The Spirit World

The Medium skill will also help you connect to different aspects of the spirit world. You can contact spirits, summon them to your lot or even transform yourself into one of them.

There are several different aspects of the skill to explore and it’s useful not just for keeping control of your own haunted lot but also for the new career and for bringing everyone’s favorite maid back into your life.

4 Bonehilda Has Returned

Bonehilda is back and thanks to the Medium skill you can summon her into your home and welcome her into your heart. She’ll stick around for a day or so but there’s so much more to her than you may expect.

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While her trademark coffin is noticeably absent, you can still become her BFF and even take her out on the town.

3 You Can Become A Freelance Paranormal Investigator

If you see yourself as a Ghostbuster then this new freelance career is for you. It allows your Sim to take on nightly gigs that will see them clear supernatural signs from different residential areas in the world.

You’ll need to max out your Medium skills and have a word with Guidry and he’ll give you a license to practice. Just don’t take on too much too soon, this career can be a little overwhelming.

2 The Build And Buy Items Are Mix And Match Bohemian Style

As well as the séance table used to access the Medium skill the pack also contains some mix and match vibrant staples for your home. They include two sofas and armchairs, a desk, a dresser, a dining table, and chairs.

You’ll also find a good amount of decor and clutter including side tables, plants, a wall shelf, crystal ball, artwork and supernatural knick nacks. Each item has unique and brightly colored swatches.

1 New Create A Sim Outfits Give Off Hippy Vibes

The new clothing is bohemian in style and includes long flowing tops and layered open neck shirts. For adult Sims, there is a solid collection of items that fit the vibe of the pack. You’ll also find several new hairstyles.

Items for younger Sims are sadly virtually non-existent. Girls have a floaty top and shorts, while Sim boys get nothing. They do get the hairstyles but our hopes of kids in stylish hippie looks are dashed. However, this is the main downside in and otherwise content crammed pack.

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