10 Things Starfield Can Learn From Fallout

Starfield is being developed by Bethesda Game Studios which also happens to be the same company that develops the modern Fallout games. Although Starfield and Fallout are different franchises, there will be similarities, such as their status as RPGs and combat systems.

Although every detail about Starfield has yet to be revealed, there are some features that would make the space-themed game one of the best RPGs of the decade. There are many great mechanics from the Fallout franchise that we hope will be included in Starfield, and we’ve compiled them here so that you can see the different possibilities of what could be waiting for players in Starfield.

10 Slow Motion Combat Option

Although Starfield probably won’t include VATS specifically, it could include a similar slow-motion option for combat. The Outer Worlds also used this mechanic in their space-themed game, proving that developers could still implement it well outside of the Fallout franchise.

A lot of players are more interested in the RPG mechanics in a game like Starfield, as opposed to combat, which is why it would be great to see a similar feature in another Bethesda game. Alternatively, there could be an item that causes slow motion to occur.

9 Equipment Customization

The equipment customization in Fallout 4 was fantastic; there were many different options for you to create your dream weapon. You could turn a rifle into a pistol and a pistol into a sniper, and it would be preferable if this feature returned in future Bethesda games, starting with Starfield.

Hopefully, Bethesda will realize the value that this equipment customization system added to Fallout 4 and place it into Starfield at launch.

8 World And Lore Building

One of the best things about the Fallout franchise is the lore and the many different factions that you can choose to join. For example, the NCR and the Legion are very different factions with different motivations. This creates a drama-filled situation in the Mojave Wasteland that keeps you interested in the storyline.

The backstories of the Fallout settlements and characters are also very unique, and Bethesda will almost certainly deliver in this aspect of development.

7 Companion Affinity And Romance System

The companions in Fallout 4 were well written, and they each had a unique list of things that you could do to raise or lower your affinity with them. Once affinity was higher with companions, you could romance some of them for unique dialogue.

On top of this mechanic, every companion had a perk that you could obtain by maxing your affinity with them which made players think about their choices and helped to add an atmosphere of role-playing into the game. Starfield will hopefully have a similar companion system, with fascinating characters that players can interact with realistically.

6 Unique Creatures

Although Starfield probably won’t have any irradiated mutants, it will likely have a plethora of different space creatures with their own lore and biology. Interesting-looking enemies are always a plus in a video game, especially when the developers have a lot to work with, such as different planets and environments.

A good example of the best creatures from the Fallout franchise includes deathclaws and radscorpions which are both terrifying enemies that have stronger variants as you progress through the game.

5 Branching Dialogue

Branching dialogue creates many different functions, including choices that change how you can interact with characters and the world itself. You also get a much more personalized role-playing experience when the developers create branching dialogue with many choices.

The Elder Scrolls franchise doesn’t have nearly as much branching dialogue as the Fallout franchise, so it’s possible that Starfield’s dialogue will be more linear. However, hopefully, Bethesda will create an expansive dialogue system similar to the modern Fallout games.

4 The SPECIAL System

The SPECIAL system in the Fallout franchise allows you to place points into 7 different major skills. Starfield isn’t likely to include the same system; however, it may have a similar system for skills since it’s an RPG.

It would be nice to see at least ten different skills in Starfield for replayability; however, it’s also possible that it may not have a system like this at all. Overall, the SPECIAL system and others like it make RPGs more personalized which is why it should show up in Starfield.

3 Personalized Cutscenes

Although Fallout 4 didn’t have a personalized cutscene at the end of the game, Fallout: New Vegas had one of the best end cutscenes in the history of RPGs in terms of uniqueness. The New Vegas cutscene took into account your interactions with settlements, factions, and even companions.

Starfield should take a page out of Fallout: New Vegas’ book and create an in-depth cutscene that accounts for all of your interactions with the characters and factions in the game.

2 Character Customization

The character customization in Fallout 4 was great, with many different hairstyles and facial features to choose from. The Elder Scrolls franchise also has good character customization and features ten different races to choose from.

Since Bethesda developed both of these franchises, you will likely have tons of customization in Starfield. It’s currently unclear whether there will be non-human characters in Starfield, but if there are, then they should be available to play as, too.

1 Large Open Worlds

Starfield will be a game featuring many different planets which means that there will be multiple open-world spaces. However, as The Outer Worlds proved, a lot of players prefer large worlds instead of a bunch of smaller areas. Larger world spaces often have more locations to explore, quests to complete, and characters to meet.

Instead of having multiple smaller areas, Starfield should be similar to Fallout games and have a few larger open worlds. It’s possible that each of these areas could be the size of a Fallout DLC area, such as Far Harbor or Honest Hearts.

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