10 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Destiny 2: Beyond Light

With the recent release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, many fans are taking the game’s systems to their breaking point with the new Stasis Subclass. The ability to create and destroy cover has made for some truly radical changes inside of PvE and PvP.

Experienced players have already developed mastery over these systems and are using them to great effect. Besides Stasis, there are also a few strategies veteran Destiny players are using to level up faster or regenerate their abilities. For those that want to up their game, here are ten tips that most veteran players are using in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

10 Talk To Variks Through Walls

Did you know that you can interact with Variks without needing to walk inside his building? Run up to the glass window outside his small building and crouch up to him. His interact button will appear as normal and let you talk to him as if you were inside. While not a game-changing tip, it does save you a few seconds of running around if you are picking up Sabotage quests or Empire Hunts.

9 Antaeus Ward Can Reflect Stasis

With seemingly no counters to Stasis in sight currently, it might be surprising to hear that Titans can somewhat counter the effects of Stasis using Antaeus Wards. The wall that projects in front of you on a slide with these Exotics equipped can reflect Stasis projectiles back at your enemies. You will still be affected by a slow or freeze based on the projectile, but at least the enemy will get a taste of their own medicine.

8 Glacier Grenade Jump Boost

Glacier Grenades are easily the most versatile grenades in Destiny history. Not only are they capable of generating cover in a pinch, but they can also be used as a momentum boost.

Throwing a Glacier Grenade at your feet will cause you to be thrown into the air higher than usual, the height being equal to a single Hunter Triple Jump. This can be coupled with other movement jumps, glides, or lifts to gain some incredible air time.

7 Shadebinder Glide Boost

Warlocks can take Glacier Grenade jumps to another level as a Shadebinder thanks to their glides. If you use a Burst Glide right as the Glacier Grenade begins to form under you, it will fly you nearly a hundred feet into the air. Using your Super or maintaining a glide will keep you in the air for a long time, almost as long as a top tree Dawnblade with Heat Rising active.

6 Glacier Grenades Can Create New Vantage Points

While on the topic of Glacier Grenades, these grenades can also be used to create new vantage points in Crucible and Gambit. When you throw a Glacier Grenade at a vertical surface such as a wall or pillar, it will release Stasis crystals perpendicular to the wall to create platforms.

You can stand on these platforms and use them to make new vantage points. This is especially handy in high-level PvP where players watch over lanes with Sniper Rifles or similar long-range weapons. Throw a grenade at a wall on high, hop on top of it, then take your opposition out while they try to figure out where you are. These crystals last a long time as well, persisting for around 15 seconds before they despawn.

5 Resilience Reduces Stasis Breakout Damage

A high resilience stat finally has a use inside of the Crucible. Guardians that break out of Stasis will take a chunk of damage based on their resilience stat. A higher resilience stat means you will take less damage.

Having a high tier of resilience will practically negate the damage breaking free would normally deal. Consider running a high resilience stat if you plan to play 3v3 PvP or similar high-stakes competitive game modes.

4 Stacking Slows To Freeze And Shatter

Stasis has three different states that the player can utilize: slows, freezes, and shatters. Slows are inflicted by most abilities such as Hunter Shurikens. Freezes occur when an opponent reaches ten stacks of the slowed debuff, although some abilities can apply this effect immediately such as Shadebinder’s melee ability. Finally, frozen targets and Stasis crystals can be shattered to deal a large amount of AoE damage.

The reason this is important is that virtually every Stasis Subclass has ways to take advantage of all three. For example, Hunter Revenants can use Duskfield Grenades to suck targets into an enclosed location. If they attempt to escape, you can use your melee ability to instantly freeze them due to the Duskfield’s slow debuff stacks. Experienced Stasis users will apply slow debuffs rapidly or outright freeze you with a well-placed ability.

3 Shiver Strike Traversal

Titans Behemoths are easily the most mobile Titan Subclass in Destiny 2 at the moment. Their Cryoclasm Aspect allows them to slide around at incredible speeds, yet that is only one incredible movement ability they have.

Shiver Strike is comparable to Icarus Dash in terms of the ground it can cover. Use this ability to launch yourself into the air. Right before you land, release your melee button to use a shoulder-charge move that will propel you further forward. This can be combined with the momentum bonus from Glacier Grenades to let you traverse across entire Crucible maps in one move. Combine this with Dunemarchers to unleash chain lightning on foes when you hit a target with this ability.

2 Level Faster

Veteran Destiny players always seem to be a higher Power Level than most. Most will state that this is due to playtime, but there is more going on than sheer hours spent grinding. Veterans know how gear rewards work. Powerful gear rewards drop at a higher Power Level than your current maximum. When you obtain enough of these, your gear will become “uneven” or have certain items much lower than others. At this point, most players will farm a few activities to obtain Rare gear at their current level to even their level out.

As for leveling quickly, by far the fastest way to level your Guardian is to play Glory-enabled Crucible matches. This will either be Elimination or Survival based on the current week. Every rank up in Glory grants +5 powerful gear, and nearly every win will grant you a rank up. Even if you consider yourself lacking at PvP, give the Freelance playlist a shot and see if you can snag a few powerful drops for yourself.

1 Silence And Squall Super Regeneration

Revenant Hunters can experience pre-nerf Orpheus Rigs if they use the Whisper of Bonds Fragment on their Aspect. This Fragment grants Super energy when you defeat frozen enemies with your weapon.

What this Fragment doesn’t state is that the enemies only need to have been hit with a weapon; your weapon does not need to land the final blow. Defeating a small group of enemies with Silence and Squall with the Fragment will grant 75% of your Super back. For Hunter mains that wish to use Stasis frequently in PvE, this Fragment is a must.

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