10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Night In The Woods

Night in the Woods is an absorbing game that never directly tells you how full it is. This only adds to how comprehensive its world feels. Filled to the brim with small details, Night in the Woods tells a tale about hanging out with friends, watching the stars, and even speaking with ghosts. Its greatest strength is its strong writing and extra dose of humor.

The tale told in Night of the Woods is so consuming, though, that you will likely need to make multiple playthroughs before seeing everything that the game has to offer. Some of the most worthwhile but easily looked over parts of include the following small details and easily-missed characters.

10/10 The Disembodied Arm

In Night in the Woods, Mae and her friends find a disembodied arm. Aunt Mall Cop tells Mae that the arm belongs to a deceased man of medium build and middle age. In the supplemental game to Night in the Woods, Lost Constellation, you light a deceased criminal’s arm to locate the Huncher, who later dies and is replaced by the Sawmill Kid. The Sawmill Kid then promises to seek vengeance on the town from which she came.

In Night in the Woods, Mae states Possum Springs has an abandoned sawmill. While nothing has been officially connected, it’s peculiar to say the least that both games feature a dismembered arm. Is this the connecting point between Lost Constellation and Night in the Woods? Possibly.

9/10 Lovecraft Influence

The Black God is an entity worshipped by the Cult that trails Mae throughout the game; The Black Goat even ends up influencing Mae’s dreams. The image of the Black Goat likely comes from Shub-Niggurath, a fictional God created by H.P. Lovecraft who is often described with the phrase, "The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young".

Much like in Night in the Woods, the fictional worshipers of Shub-Niggurath also practice human sacrifice.

Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos is a widely influential fictional work that is full of a range of nightmare-inducing creatures. Unlike Lovecraft's stories which often take darker turns and conclude with unhappy endings, the bond between Mae and her friends ends up leading to a positive conclusion in the game.

8/10 What Happened To Miss Rosa

Close to the pretzel stand, you run into Miss Rosa, who is an elderly orange-brown dog. If you choose to act with Miss Rosa, she will mention your grandfather. What’s confusing, however, is that one day in the game, Miss Rosa suddenly stops showing up, leaving many players to wonder exactly what happened to her and whether she moved or even passed away.

The last time that you talk to Miss Rosa, she says “bye for now”. Given how old Miss Rosa was and a gravestone that says the person is 95 and named “Rose”, Miss Rosa might have passed away. All that we really know is that Miss Rosa simply stops showing up in the game after the last time you talk to her.

7/10 Saleem

This event concerning musicians is one of the most commonly overlooked side quests in the game. This quest starts with the violin-playing bear named Saleem, who is found in Part Three on top of the first building to the left of the church's stairs.

The next day, you can find Saleem again in the same spot. You can convince Saleem to join Sadie in the ballroom. Afterwards, you can find Saleem playing with Sadie at the abandoned ballroom, which unlocks the "Deep Hollow Hollowers” achievement.

6/10 Unidentified Cat Tombstone

Next to the Applebaum building, you will notice a tombstone with a cat on it and no writing to designate who is buried there. The meaning of the cat tomb is never explained in the game, and players are never given an idea of who is buried there, if anyone is.

Some people have interpreted the tomb as merely a decoration, while others have hinted that it has an as yet undetermined importance in the game. At the moment, this tombstone is merely an unexplained and easily missed marker next to Applebaum's.

5/10 The Janitor

Night in the Woods players routinely miss The Janitor, who is one of the strangest characters in the game. Dressed in a flannel shirt and work boots, the Janitor is a bird with a goatee and the first character with which you interact in the game.

While it’s easy to think that the janitor is an ordinary character, he’s mysterious. He speaks in puzzles and seems almost God-like at times in his knowledge. Even stranger, and often overlooked by players, a cemetery statue bears the Janitor’s silhouette.

Even more strangely, a cut script from the game contains an exchange between Mae and the Janitor, during which Mae spots an “astral-God-looking bird”, into which the Janitor might have transformed.

4/10 Selmers’ Poems

One of Mae's most memorable neighbors is Selmer Ann Forrester, a bear in a pink hoodie. Selmers tells Mae a new poem each day from Part Two until Three. Most players overlook listening to all of Selmers’ poems, but if you hear them all then an achievement is unlocked.

Selmers tells four poems in Part Two, and another four in Part Three. Everyone who plays Night in the Woods has a favorite Selmers’ poem. Perhaps the best Selmers’ piece is the one that she reads at the poetry club towards the game's conclusion., which instead of being the usual comical tone her poems normally take, is actually heartfelt and genuine.

3/10 The Tooth Safe

One of the most commonly overlooked secrets in the game involves an area of Mae’s house that is blocked by boxes. After discovering this area, Mae will bring it up in conversations with her father nightly to try to get him to move the debris. Days later, Mae’s Dad agrees to comply and move the boxes revealing a safe that needs a code.

Finding the code is also challenging. The code lies in a bookcase situated along the hallway. While reading one of the books on the bookshelf, Mae will be reminded of her grandfather. A code is also written in the book, which Mae will use to unlock the safe and find a tooth.

2/10 How to Play Demontower

After it is repaired, you can find Demontower, a 2D minigame, on Mae's laptop. In Demontower, you need to navigate through enemies and hazards to find a key and beat a boss.

Most players have an easy time in Demon Tower beating the one-hit ghosts, but some players aren’t exactly sure how to get the key in the game. To obtain the key from the sarcophagus, you will need to hold the action button. Demontower is worth playing because the game offers a "True ending", in which you stand out on a cliff at night facing a tower.

1/10 Pumpkin Head Guy

While he's a minor character, players often miss Pumpkin Head Guy, who is a cat with a pumpkin on his head. He can be found at the very left of the Trolley Tunnel.

Pumpkin Head Guy is a mysterious character, and we never really learn who he is. Your band also plays the “Pumpkin Head Guy” song even if you do not talk to him, giving the sense that other characters like Angus or Bea have talked to him before.

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