10 Nintendo Characters Who Would Give Great Christmas Gifts

A major part of the Christmas season is exchanging gifts. It’s a time of year when natural gift-givers shine, giving you presents that fit cater to your interests and demonstrating how well they know you. It’s heartwarming to receive a gift that suits you and makes you feel known and loved by your family and friends.

When it comes to Nintendo characters, there are a few that come to mind who would absolutely nail giving Christmas gifts to their loved ones. From characters who are naturally resourceful, to those who are kind friends and sidekicks, these individuals would shine at handing out the perfect Christmas gifts.

10/10 Mr. Game & Watch – Super Smash Bros.

Mr. Game & Watch serves as a representation of Nintendo’s early Game & Watch consoles and as one of the most versatile fighters in the Super Smash Bros. series. Mr. Game & Watch uses a variety of items and attacks inspired by the Game & Watch series, meaning he’s always prepared in every situation.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, Mr. Game & Watch is among the best. Since he’s always prepared, he’d be on top of Christmas shopping and able to find or prepare the best possible gift for every person on his list.

9/10 Sable – Animal Crossing

Sable, the quieter of the Able Sisters in Animal Crossing, takes a bit of time to warm up to you. However, once you get past her shyness, she is one of the kindest, most considerate villagers in the game. In New Horizons, she even expresses worry that you won’t be warm enough for winter.

Since Sable does care so deeply about others in her life, she is likely an incredibly thoughtful gift-giver. As a master seamstress, you can expect some nice clothing items that fit perfectly and reflect your personality. And, of course, some gloves to keep your hands warm!

8/10 Misty – Pokemon

Appearing in a few games since generation one and a staple of the earliest anime, Misty is one of Pokemon’s most iconic characters. As the Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym, she pushed herself hard to find the level of success she’s had with her Water-type team.

Misty’s discipline would also affect other areas of her life, including gift giving. She would definitely finish up her Christmas shopping early. Since she is such a dedicated trainer, she would likely gift the perfect Pokemon training tools to her family and friends to help them succeed, too.

7/10 Daruk – The Legend Of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Daruk serves as the Goron Champion and pilot of Vah Rudania. He is most committed to team-building among the Champions and supporting his fellow heroes. With a warm heart and jolly spirit, he’s likely to embrace the Christmas season and celebrate it to the max.

This, of course, includes going over the top with gift-giving. Plus, his white beard and rounder figure would make him the perfect Santa Claus for any Christmas party. As such, it’s easy to imagine him passing out incredible presents to everyone there.

6/10 Marx – Kirby

Marx is one of Kirby’s most infamous antagonists, the big bad of Kirby Super Star. However, in a scary twist, he would be brilliant at giving the perfect Christmas presents. In his debut game, Marx initially appears as a friend, only to reveal his true evil nature later on.

It’s Marx’s manipulation that would help him give out the ideal gifts to those around him. He would know exactly what to give someone, though he would use his perceptive power to his own advantage. If you get a Christmas gift from Marx, beware! No matter how awesome it is, even at Christmastime, any presents from him come with an ulterior motive attached.

5/10 Slippy Toad – Star Fox

While Slippy Toad, one of the Star Fox Team members and longtime friend of Fox McCloud, isn’t always the most reliable of allies, he would be a surprisingly excellent gift-giver. As a mechanic, he’s accustomed to diagnosing and addressing problems in technology. It’s exactly this mindset that he’d apply in shopping for the ideal Christmas gift.

While many of Slippy’s Christmas gifts would likely be useful and tied to maintain or upgrading starships, several of them would be fun as well, seeking to lighten up the intense mood of the Star Fox Team.

4/10 Palutena – Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus’s Palutena, the Goddess of Light, would wholeheartedly embrace the Christmas season and all the joy that it brings. Her desire to care for her people would motivate her and equip her to seek out the best possible gifts to give as well.

Palutena’s observant nature would also make her Christmas presents meaningful for their recipients, as she can easily discern details about others and use that knowledge to give a thoughtful gift. Her gifts would likely be lighthearted and fun, reflective of her kind and caring personality.

3/10 Yoshi – Super Mario Bros.

Forget Luigi—the best sidekick of the Super Mario Bros. is Yoshi. This happy dinosaur has served a vital role in Mario and Luigi’s quests, letting the brothers ride on his back across treacherous lands, even sacrificing his life at times to give them an extra boost. Yet Yoshi bears it all with a smile.

It’s Yoshi’s bubbly personality and self-sacrificial tendencies that would make him an excellent Christmas gift-giver. No matter what happens to him, he seeks to help out his friends in any way that he can. As a result, for Christmas, Yoshi is likely to give practical gifts that fill a need yet are exciting to receive.

2/10 Marth – Fire Emblem

Marth, the hero of the original Fire Emblem games, is one of the most selfless leaders across the series. He’s willing to sacrifice everything in order to defend his people, and he seeks to believe the best in people. His kind personality would also make him a great gift-giver during the Christmas season.

While it is true that Marth at times struggles to express his feelings verbally, his actions in fighting for his people speak to his immense care for others. Similarly, Marth would be excellent at showing his appreciation for his friends and comrades through giving the best presents.

1/10 Ness – EarthBound

The major hero of EarthBound, Ness is shown to be a helpful friend to those in need. He quickly makes friends with his fellow party members and is even a friend (of sorts) to his rude neighbor, Pokey Minch.

Since Ness is quick to make friends and has a giving nature, he would likely give the best Christmas presents to his friends, picking out something fun that he knows each person on his list would enjoy. He would even get gifts to those who reject his friendship, like Pokey, out of the goodness of his generous heart.

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