10 Most Memorable Side Characters In The Dishonored Series

It is not just the striking art style, the attention to environmental details, or the intriguing story that makes the Dishonored series so compelling. Wandering through the dreary streets of Dunwall, the dusty lanes of Karnaca, or the endless Void, are unforgettable characters. Their roles don't need to be especially significant to leave such an impression, though some are always by your side in one way or another.

One of the unique aspects of Dishonored's characters is how, through world-building and, in some cases, magic, every person's secrets are open to you. There is very little of worth that they can hide, yet they can still occupy your thoughts with what isn't revealed.

10 Cecelia

Cecelia cannot catch a break. A general laborer at the Hounds Pit Pub, you will often see her being reprimanded or criticized by her newfound co-workers. Pessimistic and prone to self-deprecation delivered in a chipper tone, Cecelia doesn't seem like much when you first meet her. Don't let that fool you; she's hiding many scrappy smarts beneath her floppy cap.

Cecelia, first and foremost, is a survivor. Having escaped the aptly-named Flooded District, she finds small satisfactions in her work. As the game progresses, Cecelia will grow braver and become more confident. Or she can, provided you choose to do good. Do it for her.

9 Paolo

Whispers of this ambitious kingpin can be heard across Karnaca, and you'll know why by the time you meet him. The leader of the Howlers, Paolo balances his ruthless criminal enterprises with a desire to truly improve the lives of the oppressed people of the city. In the precursor mission to the outstanding A Crack In The Slab, you will have to seek Paolo out, one way or another.

Paolo is not to be taken lightly, as he has much more up his sleeve than just cunning. Still, depending on your route, he can be an invaluable ally and one of the principal architects of the future, better Karnaca. If you want that potential future, just be sure not to kill him more than three times.

8 Mindy Blanchard

The tattooed second-in-command of the Howlers, you may meet Mindy in the second mission of Dishonored 2. She will exchange a favor for a favor; a quick side-quest where you get to hone your stealth (or murder) skills is always welcome, so you accept her task of retrieving a body from the Overseers.

When you return, you will see she's dug a grave for her fallen friend, showcasing her caring personality beneath the tough exterior. Additionally, as alluded to by the Heart, and confirmed by the developers, Mindy is a transwoman; a secret only her friend and boss, Paolo, knows.

7 Callista Curnow

Even-tempered and surprisingly serious, Callista is a constant calming presence at the Hounds Pit Pubs. As Emily Kaldwin's caretaker, Callista is a pillar for those around her, especially her young charge. While she rarely raises her voice or breaks her reserved facade, Callista can also be the source of the silliest game over in the game if you play your cards very, very wrong.

There is much beneath that somewhat stern expression, as you can learn. Callista may have been raised in relative comfort, with her uncle as captain of the guard, yet she longs for daring adventures on the high seas, far from anything familiar. If you ensure that she lives, perhaps she will realize those dreams.

6 Anton Sokolov

Renaissance man to his core, Sokolov is a target-turned-friend. Virtually every lethal machine you encounter is the product of his mind. However, Sokolov mainly focuses on creating a cure for the plague in Dunwall, using less than ethical means. He is not an easy man to like, but working with him means muddying your moral compass for the greater good – or greater evil if that's how you'd like to play.

Sokolov dabbles in black magic with the hopes of summoning The Outsider, though the god outright dismisses Sokolov as uninteresting. For all his strengths, his works, and every ounce of popularity he enjoys, he still cannot get the one thing he truly wants: an audience with The Outsider. At least he has your ear.

5 Aramis Stilton

A mine baron who rose from the working class, Stilton stands out as one of the few people in the upper class that wants to improve things for the common folk. The Dust District, where you find his dilapidated mansion, is in shambles after a mysterious event left Stilton with a wounded psyche, huddled away in his once-lavish home. People around the district talk about how he cared about them, their safety in their work, and how he fought to ensure they wouldn't be exploited.

Something shattered in Stilton on that fateful night years ago, and now he wanders through his home, half in reality and half in the Void. Saving him from this fate has far-reaching consequences, but, as rare as it can feel in Dishonored, they are generally all positive. Stilton is a mirror of the district he lives in, and helping him helps everyone who calls the area their home.

4 The Heart

A soft voice echoing from a beating, clockwork heart guides you to runes and bone charms, and whispers secrets about people and places into your ear. But the Heart is so much more. As implied by the first game and confirmed by the second, stuck between sinew and glass and steel is the soul of the former empress, Jessamine. There is a wistful hollowness in her tone, knowledge that she is forever barred from her former life, from ever touching the people she loves again.

Though she is not alive, the Heart paints the world with life and with complexity. Her quiet words can help you understand what and who is around you. And, should you choose, she can give you the excuse you need to judge them.

3 Granny Rags

Creepy and charismatic, the woman known as Granny Rags is unforgettable. As you wander through the grime of Dunwall's streets, you will find the still-somehow regal-looking Granny Rags in her home, beckoning for your help to deal with unwanted visitors. Her requests are sinister and violent, wrapped in the courtesy and politeness that betrays her high-birth. Even the Outsider, the most powerful entity in the cosmos, warns you about her.

With an uncanny voice courtesy of Susan Sarandon in her only video game role, Granny Rags strikes a balance between off-putting and intriguing. You know there is more to her story, but whether you want to let yourself get close enough to learn it is another thing entirely.

2 Samuel Beechworth

There is no more faithful friend to Corvo than Samuel. Samuel, a former sailor and your ride to and from every mission, will keep you grounded and connected to what's really at stake in Dunwall. A kind word from him can fill you with pride; conversely, his disapproval can bring you such shame that you may restart missions or the game itself.

Samuel cares nothing for glory or gold, though some audio diaries imply that he wouldn't mind being remembered for his part in the history you're writing together. If you're the type to play a low chaos run, you can feel Samuel's respect for you in every interaction. He's one of the few characters that is wholly and unabashedly good, so don't disappoint him.

1 The Outsider

Calling The Outsider a side character is a bit of a stretch, as his frequent interventions in human lives are at the series' core. Defined by his detached mannerisms, pitch-black eyes, and desire to see humans do good even when given the power to exact bloody vengeance, The Outsider is a mystery that unravels more with every entry.

Whether you want to see The Outsider as just a young man forced into endless godhood, or an evil cosmic entity unbound by morality, is up to you. Not even the characters of the world can decide where he stands, and his perceived apathy does nothing to help matters. Still, The Outsider is one of the most exciting and enigmatic characters to grace our screens.

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