10 Most Iconic Lone-Wolf Protagonists In Gaming

The title of "lone wolf" is ambiguous, both in how it is defined and how a lone wolf is perceived. Characters who bear this moniker may not always travel alone, in fact, they often travel in parties, but it is their silent, stoic, and mysterious demeanor that emotionally isolates them from other people.

These lone wolves are the ones who intrigue us, who we secretly pretend to be when we want to feel cool. The mysteries surrounding their pasts and the shroud of cold indifference draw us to them. These are the characters we find all the more interesting by what they don't say rather than what they do say.

10 Master Chief

He has no family, no connections, nothing to tether him to others, no weaknesses. John-117, better known as The Master Chief, is the ideal military leader. As a result of a government program (not unlike Soldier, the Kurt Russel film), Master Chief was perfectly bred for combat.

That perfect pedigree leaves Master Chief as nothing more than an instrument of warfare and a tool of democracy. He knows only combat and has no other desires outside fulfilling orders. Master Chief's lone wolf nature is the same nature embraced by many who live the life of a soldier.

9 Alucard

Being a lone wolf as a vampire just seems to come with the territory, but as the half-human son of the world's most famous vampire, Alucard is just about the loneliest of vampiric society.

Constantly battling his nature as a vampire, his destiny as the son of Dracula, and even straight-up battling Dracula, has led Alucard to live a lonely life where few others can sympathize with his struggles.

8 Dante

Killing demons isn't easy, and it doesn't help when everyone wants a shot at you because you just so happen to be the son of one of the most well-known demons. This would all be manageable if your brother wasn't also gunning for you too.

To his credit, Dante at least tried keeping a day job by offering his demon-slaying services to others, but he soon discovered it was a thankless and lonely lifestyle. Cheesy one-liners and cool guy quips aside, Dante has lost a lot over the years and stays estranged from most of his friends and family that aren't already dead.

7 Auron

Choosing a stoic, lone wolf character from a Final Fantasy game is as hard as choosing a Final Fantasy song that isn't by Nobuo Uematsu. Nearly the entire cast of both Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 are comprised of such characters, but it's Auron who stands out and steals the entire show of Final Fantasy 10.

To be fair, when a man looks the way Doomguy does when picking up a chainsaw, people tend to avoid you anyway, but after seeing all the hell and horror Doomguy has, there aren't a whole lot of people you'd want to or be able to talk to.

2 Asura

Asura alone stands up to the very creators of his world in utter defiance. Not many people are willing to go through literal and figurative hell to save their daughter, but Asura does it all with an undying rage and determination.

During his journey, Asura meets many old and new acquaintances, each of which he meets with the same callous disdain and disregard. The god of wrath has one concern and lets nothing and no one stop him on his way to achieving it.

1 Samus Aran

The quintessential lone wolf, Samus is stoic, silent, and gets the job done with cold, calculated, and terrifying precision. Samus' past is still rather unknown. Although we get short glimpses, Samus keeps things short and sweet in the dialogue department and gives us little exposition on events past or present.

Instead, the space bounty hunter would rather lay to rest entire alien races and blast space pirates in ways that would make Doomguy blush. She is perhaps one of the most intimidating and enigmatic protagonists in all of gaming – and that is what makes her so beloved.

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