10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of A Plague Tale: Requiem

Just like the first game, A Plague Tale: Requiem has left us with plenty of questions following its ending. This heartbreaking game has an incredible plot and a lovable cast of characters, each introducing their own twist to the plotline.

In this world, an ancient coven of alchemists, culty fanatics, soldiers, and evil leaders take control of Amicia and Hugo’s story. And some of these plotlines are never followed up on. A Plague Tale: Requiem leaves plenty of room for curiosity, so here are ten lingering questions we still have after the end of the game.

This article contains plot spoilers.

10/10 Exotic Animals: How Did They Get There?

When exploring the city, Amicia and Lucas find an area once designated to The Order. In one of the rooms, you’ll find the skeletal remains of an elephant and other animals. None of these animals are native to France, so how did they get there? And what did The Order want with them? Amicia mentions how these animals could have been brought over, but The Order’s intentions with them are unclear. Perhaps they were experimenting on them for unknown reasons.

9/10 Who Were The Beekeepers?

At the beginning of the game, you mistakenly wander into a burning camp full of aggressive beekeepers. The people at the camp have been slaughtered and set on fire, and the men wandering around are still paranoid that enemies are in the area.

They’re all very worried about thievery, but it’s unclear what’s been stolen from them. Tonin, a child who briefly played with Amicia and Hugo belongs to the group. And even he seemed fearful of returning to the camp. The beekeeper plotline is left behind early in the game, so you never gather more information about the group.

8/10 Are Other Animals Prone To The Macula?

When you first see the bloodshed and bees early in the game, you may be wondering if bees will be the next plague carriers. Luckily, the developers stuck to rats and made the journey a bit easier by letting bees remain as pollinators.

But this begs the question, are other animals prone to the Macula? Could the bees be infected? And could the exotic animals found at The Order be infected? It’s possible that The Order created the infection and experimented on larger animals before spreading it to the rats.

7/10 How Long Has The Plague Been In The City?

The plague follows Hugo wherever he goes, but it seems to have been in the city before his arrival. The arena is blocked off, and inside are plenty of dead and infected residents. It’s possible that the disease cut through the areas as soon as Hugo arrived, but the rats aren’t visible at first. The soldiers also have a system of killing any survivors and searching for Magister Vaudin. So how long has the plague been in the city? Did it start recently or has it been a while?

6/10 Did Lucas And Beatrice Go To Marseille?

When you decide to stay on the shore with Hugo, you’ll watch Beatrice and Lucas drift away. The pair want to go to Marseille to seek help for Hugo, but Amicia believes they should seek out Hugo’s dream island instead.

Later, Beatrice and Lucas arrive at La Cuna and describe how they tracked them down. So, did Beatrice and Lucas ever go to Marseille? Or did they immediately start searching for the siblings? And if they did, what did they do there?

5/10 What Happened To La Cuna?

You see La Cuna’s destruction while making your way back to the castle, but the city has gotten some of the spread under control.

Despite both Emilie and Victor being dead, the cult members still seem to follow their fabricated religion. They view Amicia as a “defiler,” even though they’ve seen their “mother” murder an innocent woman. Will the remaining, uninfected people on the island continue to worship the Child of Embers, or will they start anew?

4/10 The Order: Is Anyone Left?

The Order has been cleared out with an exception to Vaudin, but its reach has stretched much further than the red city walls. Much of The Order is represented in La Cuna, so where are the remaining members? And why aren’t they more concerned about Hugo’s condition? The Justinian Plague only got worse as the years went on, so you’d think they’d be more involved in trying to prevent it? And did Vaudin not know about La Cuna? The fresco in his room depicts the island, but he claims that it’s symbolic and not a literal location.

3/10 How Long Has Amicia Been Alone?

In the final chapter of the game, Amicia is shown living alone in a mountainous area. She reunites with Sophia on a new journey and mentions that Lucas has been away for some time. Though she’s been there for a year, it’s unclear how long she’s been alone.

Given Amicia’s extreme fear of being alone, it’s impressive that she’s been able to live on her own without any companions. And now that Hugo is gone, Amicia might find a new purpose in her life.

2/10 Who Is The New Carrier?

At the very end of the game, you’ll see a closeup of a baby’s arm infected with the Macula. You aren’t given any information as to who or where the baby is, but it’s clear that a new child has taken up Hugo’s cursed mantle.

Perhaps the baby lives among a group you’ve passed through. The pilgrimage group heading to Rome or the beekeeper family would be interesting candidates for the next carrier.

1/10 Will There Be A Third Game?

The most common question at the end of any game is whether there will be a sequel. Given the carrier shown at the end and Amicia’s discussion of finding the next carrier and protector, it’s likely that Asobo Studio is setting up the next installment in the series.

It would be strange to play the game without Hugo, but seeing Amicia’s newfound expertise, along with Lucas and Sophia, would be an exciting story for a future game.

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