10 Games To Play If You Like PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator boasts a perfect ten out of ten rating on Steam, and rightfully so. The game is relaxing, fun, and atmospheric in every way. Travel to new and different locations around your neighborhood and blast them clean with a high-pressure water jet. Rinse and repeat indefinitely, because you’ll never get tired of power washing.

However, Powerwash Simulator, unfortunately, ends at some point, and you’ll need something to move on to that you can fill that soapless void with. To help you out with that, here are a few other games you can play when you’re done with power washing the world.

10 Viscera Cleanup Detail, A Brutal Cleaning Simulator

If you liked Powerwash Simulator’s cleaning mechanic and the satisfaction you get from spraying thick grime away, why not take it to the next level? Viscera Cleanup Detail is like Powerwash Simulator’s gross, gory cousin.

You, and some friends if you choose, are tasked with clearing body parts, blood, and other splatters of battle the previous occupants of the space left behind. You’ll also notice that the levels are copies of famous video game levels. Ever wonder who cleans up after the protagonist is done with their massacre? You do.

9 Lawn Mowing Simulator, Freedom On The Open Lawn

Have you finished Powerwash Simulator and found yourself wanting to continue making clean, straight lines on the ground? With Lawn Mowing Simulator, you can do exactly that. This game is massive, and the details and realism reflect its gargantuan file size.

Set in Britain, Lawn Mowing Simulator gives you a range of mowers to work up to, and you’re in control of even the finest settings like blade height. Cut the grass your way with no one else to tell you otherwise. You’re in charge of the lawn now.

8 House Flipper, Available On Literally Everything

House Flipper is the perfect game for those who are itching to expand the satisfaction factor after finishing PowerWash Simulator. House Flipper ties the cleaning in with painting, decorating, and more. Being available on every platform, including mobile, makes this one of the most accessible simulation games on the market right now.

Like PowerWash Simulator, this game is packed full of easter eggs and references. Though the content differs from platform to platform, the object of buying a house to fix up and sell remains the same.

7 Farming Simulator 22 With Your Buddies

The beauty of farming is available from the comfort of your own computer chair with the Farming Simulator series. Farming Simulator 22 comes with extra fun business things like logistics and seasonal crops.

If running a whole farm in this immersive simulator seems daunting, now you can add a dash of extra realism by roping in your close friends and family to help you fix up your giant chunk of rural farmland. With dozens of vehicles to operate and an endless combination of crops to plant, it’s going to take a long time to get tired of farming.

6 Master Of Pottery, Tranquility And Business

Throw your own pottery against breathtaking and aesthetic backdrops in Master of Pottery, a creative simulation game. With your beautiful ceramic creations, you can participate in exhibitions and fill commission orders.

You also have the ability to run your very own pottery showroom, complete with apprentices. If you often find your zen in the art of repetition and creation, this game is perfect for you. There’s nothing like sitting back and listening to the pottery wheel while your art comes to life.

5 Gas Station Simulator, Retail Therapy

If you’re the type that likes to start with a fixer-upper and bring yourself to success through hard work, Gas Station Simulator is a great game to follow up PowerWash Simulator with. Your gas station is along a remote stretch of highway in the middle of the desert, so you’re providing an important service to drivers passing through.

Renovate your gas station, purchase upgrades and improvements, and have the best dang convenience store the arid west has ever seen. Even customers out here in the badlands have complaints and demands though, and it’s up to only you to meet them.

4 Townscaper, Virtual Building Blocks

Though you don’t get to wash everything to perfection, Townscaper is just as relaxing as PowerWash Sim. Townscaper has no goal, and there’s no business or government to manage. It’s just you and your city that you build block by block in any way you please.

You place the blocks where you want, and Townscaper does the rest for you, popping your town into place with some adorable animations. Build the castle in the islands of your dreams, or make a whole neighborhood of seaside cottages.

3 Cooking Simulator To Fire It Up

Hilariously published by Big Cheese Studio, Cooking Simulator has been soaring in popularity. Time to gather all of the focus you’ve gained from relentlessly power washing and channel it into a new art: the art of flavor.

Take the kitchen by storm and be a master chef with every recipe memorized, or curate your kitchen’s menu to your own tastes. You could also take the approach of one Steam reviewer, and dedicate your life and soul entirely to making soup. Seize the day and throw it into the oven.

2 Train Sim World 2, Conduct Your Own Fun

Taking a train can be a tranquil experience, especially when compared to driving and dealing with airports. Train Sim World 2 lets you experience the peak of rail travel in crisp detail with real-world physics. There’s no shortage of stunning locations to travel through in a customized, state-of-the-art train that you get to be in charge of.

Whether you’re into high-speed rails or slow-moving scenic route trains, this train simulator is packed with fun. Now, you can finally make the train go “choo choo” all you want without being kicked off again.

1 PC Building Simulator, Very Meta

The computer of your dreams can sometimes be just out of reach, and you can only build it once. Now, there’s a simulation game that lets you build as many PCs as you want, as long as you can afford them. Run your own computer repair shop where you clean and fix up old PCs while building new and improved computers on your own.

Take your dream PC a step further and add on features you could only have in the virtual world. Become a baron of the PC empire with detailed and creative builds while enjoying the satisfying animations and sounds of putting everything into place.

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