10 Galarian Pokemon With The Highest Speed Stat, Ranked

A Pokemon’s speed stat is arguably one of its most important, even over its defensive and offensive stats, as it determines which Pokémon will act first in a battle. Generally, the higher speed stat will always go first, though there are exceptions when it comes to the likes of Trick Room and certain abilities like Quick Draw and Prankster.

The Alola region was notorious for dialing back on having many quick Pokemon, with the majority of Alolan native creatures being relatively slow in comparison to previous generations. Galar, on the other hand, not only returned to form with some very fast Pokemon in its lineup but is also home to the fastest Pokemon in the entire series.

10 Spectrier

Introduced in the Crown Tundra expansion, this spooky horse, one of two mounts for Calyrex, is essentially Gengar in horse form. With a very respectable base speed stat of 130, this puts it on the same level as speed freaks like Crobat, Jolteon, and Tapu Koko to name a few. Combined with its great ability, Grim Neigh, which boosts its special attack by one stage when sent into battle, Spectrier is the poster child for special sweepers in the Galar region. While its defensive stats leave little to be desired and it suffers from an unfortunate weakness to Dark-type attacks, one of the most common coverage moves in the game, it is still a force to be reckoned with in battle.

9 Eternatus

Keeping in line with having a great speed stat for a legendary Pokemon, Eternatus, like Spectrier, has a very respectable base speed stat of 130. While this isn’t the fastest for a legendary Pokemon, it definitely puts it on the faster side compared to most other Pokemon in the series. Alongside its relatively unique Poison/Dragon-typing that is only shared with Dragalge, Eternatus is a fairly unique Pokemon, though that isn’t always a good thing. Like Zacian and Zamazenta, Eternatus is one of three Pokemon who are completely unable to use the Dynamax mechanic, despite the fact that its body is the source of the phenomenon in the first place.

8 Eiscue

It’s hard to imagine that this dorky looking Ice-type Pokemon would be in the same league as two incredibly powerful legendary Pokemon, but Eiscue manages to pull it off thanks to its unique ability, Ice Face. When hit by a physical attack, Eiscue will take no damage and change its form, not unlike Mimikyu’s Disguise ability in generation seven, though Ice Face also changes certain stats.

By dropping its defense and special defense from 110 and 90 respectfully to 70 and 50 respectfully, Eiscue’s speed increases from 50 to a whopping 130 to tie it with Spectrier and Eternatus. While this does mean that Eiscue is a little frail for its own good, the fact that it can also learn Belly Drum more than makes up for this fact and turns it into a terrifying physical sweeper if set up properly.

7 Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan

One of the biggest problems with the original Zen Mode Darmanitan was how it fundamentally changed its stats, focusing on special attack rather than attack and forcing players to make either a mixed set or rely solely on the Zen Mode ability to deal damage. Darmanitan’s Galarian form rectified this, as its version of Zen Mode not only increases its attack stat, but also its speed. What starts out as 140 attack and 95 speed turns into a horrifying 160 attack and 135 speed, making it faster than the majority of Pokemon in the Galar region when the ability activates. Not only that, but at 160 attack, the only Pokemon in the series with a higher base attack stat are Ice Rider Calyrex, Crowned Sword Zacian, Kyurem Black, and Kartarna.

6 Barraskewda

Water-type Pokemon tend to be some of the best in the majority of regions, and Galar is no exception. While Barraskewda is lacking in the defense department, its offense and speed are some of the highest of any non-legendary Pokemon in Galar. With a mere one point in speed over Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan at 136, you would think that this would be as fast as Barraskewda could be, but you would be mistaken. Alongside its ludicrous speed, Barraskewda can also have the Swift Swim ability, which doubles its speed during the Rain. Although it doesn’t hit quite as hard as Darmanitan outside of the Rain, when it is used on a Rain team, there is little that can stand up to this ugly looking fish.

5 Hero of Many Battles Zacian & Zamazenta

The majority of base form legendary Pokemon have fairly easy to remember names, but Galar decided to throw that out of the window when it came to its cover legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta. Although the pair look a little worse for wear, battle-scarred after their intense fight with Eternatus, they still have more than enough power behind them to be a threat, with both Pokemon have a great base 138 speed stat. In all of Galar’s main region, there are few Pokemon who are able to match this speed, let alone exceed it and there is no doubt that this stat was key in how they were able to defeat Eternatus all those years ago.

4 Dragapult

Pseudo-legendary Pokemon are always designed to be good in some capacity, whether it is Tyranitar and Goodra’s immense bulk or Salamence and Metagross’s terrifying offensive capabilities. Where Dragapult shines far and away over all other pseudo legendary Pokemon, however, is in its speed, being the fastest by a wide margin.

At 142, Dragapult’s speed is only matched by a handful of Pokemon in the series, with Accelgor and Ninjask being the only two non-legendary Pokemon in that group. The next fastest pseudo legendary Pokemon is a whole 40 points behind in the speed department, with Garchomp only having a base speed stat of 102.

3 Crowned Sword Zacian

Both Zacian and Zamazenta get a massive boost in power while holding their respective key items, becoming Crowned Sword Zacian and Crowned Shield Zamazenta respectfully. However, while Zamazenta gets an increase in its defenses at the cost of its speed, Zacian’s speed and attack go through the roof, going from 130 attack and 138 speed to an insane 170 attack and 148 speed. This isn’t taking into account its ability, Intrepid Sword, which will boost its already ridiculous attack by one stage when entering battle, making it not only one of the fastest Pokemon in Galar, but one of the strongest in the entire series. However, despite its high speed stat, there are two other Galar native Pokemon that are faster than it.

2 Shadow Rider Calyrex

Spectrier may be fast on its own, but when it is being ridden by Calyrex, its speed gets a massive boost from 130 to 150. This means, without any buffs to its stats, it is as fast as Mega Alakazam, Mega Aerodactyl, and Deoxys. The only Pokemon in the entire series that are faster than a Shadow Rider Calyrex are Ninjask, Pheramosa, and the one Galarian native Pokemon that blows every other speed freak out of the water.

1 Regieleki

The Regis were never great Pokemon before the Galar region, as they were only OK defensive walls that had either a massive defense, special defense, or a split between the two. While Regidrago has one of the highest HP stats in the series at 200, which goes well with its signature move, Dragon Energy, which acts like a Dragon-type version of Eruption or Water Spout, Regieleki has by far the best speed stat in the entire series. At a whopping 200 base speed, there is nothing in the series that can outpace a Regieleki in battle. Its speed stat is so high that, without any EVs in speed, a Modest nature Regieleki can outspeed a Timid Dragapult with full speed EV investment, which is one of the fastest Pokemon seen in recent years.

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