10 different PlayStation games are being made into movies or TV shows

Sony is going into overdrive in terms of live action adaptations of their games, and Uncharted and The Last Of Us are only the start.

You don’t need us to tell you that video game movies are always awful, there’s 27 years of cinema to prove that fact, but for some reason that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from continuing to make them.

It’s hard to be optimistic that Uncharted with Tom Holland is going to be any better than usual but it’s been revealed that it’s only one of 10 new projects Sony currently has underway.

The other one we know about for sure is the HBO TV adaptation of The Last Of Us, which might be good because at least the original writer is involved.

Sony has also talked in the past about a Sly Racoon animated series, although that’s already been downgraded from a movie after 2016’s Ratchet & Clank film failed to set cinema screens alight.

At one point there was also supposed to be a Twisted Metal TV series, which seems a peculiar choice given the franchise has been dormant for years and was only ever popular in the US – but while nothing’s been heard about it since last year it hasn’t been announced as cancelled.

What the other six games might be is a mystery, with a report by MediaPost clarifying that three of the 10 are movies and seven of them are TV shows.

Trying to guess what the others might be is simply a case of looking at the most successful Sony games and seeing which might work well as a movie or show (although judging by most adaptations we may already have put more thought into the issue than most movie producers).

Days Gone seems a relatively cheap concept that could easily work as a TV show, while Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War seem more likely to require a movie style budget.

When you have shows that look as good as The Mandalorian though that distinction may no longer be important, so it really is anyone’s guess. We’re hoping for a big budget Ape Escape movie though.

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