10 Best 3D Sonic Games, Ranked

Some say that Sonic needs to stick to his 2D outings, but there are plenty of Sonic fans that love his different attempts at 3D games. Over the years, Sonic has had a surprising number of unique approaches to translating his classic gameplay to 3D, with some being far more successful than some of his most loved 2D entries.

Regardless of the many unique mechanics that you find yourself trying in 3D Sonic games, you’ll always be treated to an incredible spectacle of the blue blur going as fast as he can. Occasionally, Sonic games that the fans write off become some of his best entries, earning new respect from the blue hedgehog’s biggest fans.

10 Sonic The Hedgehog

This entry in the Sonic series isn’t generally seen in the greatest light, and that’s putting it mildly. Some still feel that many people are unfair to the game as, despite its flaws, it does try to do a lot of new things in a series that people often crave innovation from.

The game gives you three different characters to play as. Those being Sonic, Shadow, and Silver as you make your way through the game. As usual for the Sonic series, the game features excellent music, and while there are plenty of bugs, some of the visuals are still impressive to this day.

9 Sonic And The Black Knight

Back when the Sonic series was focused on releasing games that tie into fairytale stories, Sonic And The Black Knight was a bit of a puzzling entry for some. While does look beautiful on the Nintendo Wii, some were put off by some new mechanics that were added in.

The biggest issue that people had was with the game's addition of sword combat, but other than that, it’s a classic Sonic adventure. It is much simpler than many Sonic games, but the fun story, unique mechanics, and the inclusion of multiplayer make it a game worth exploring.

8 Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed is another game that really tried something different. Fans of going fast won’t be disappointed by the levels set during the day, but they may be surprised to see that the game shifts into a kind of fighter once the sun sets.

During the night levels of Sonic Unleashed, Sonic transforms into what is called a Werehog. The night sections slow the gameplay down quite a bit, but for some, it was a welcome addition to the series. It’s another visually stunning Sonic game that did a lot for the hardware it was on.

7 Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces did some unique things, but not everyone was into the overall tone of the game. In fact, when compared to most other Sonic games, people seem to have the biggest issue with this game's story above all of the others.

Mixed reception to the story aside, Sonic Forces lets you create your own custom character to use throughout the story. The game shifts from a side-scrolling to a behind-the-shoulder perspective often, but it never feels jarring. Anyone who wants to create their own Sonic avatar will probably get a kick out of this title.

6 Sonic Colors

The developers of Sonic Colors were looking to return Sonic back to the simplest 3D gameplay they could, and many feel they succeeded, something that people loved. Rather than lots of additional gimmicks, Sonic Colors primarily deals with wisps as a set of power-ups.

A lot of Sonic fans point to this game as one of the best musical efforts from the series with plenty of bouncy tracks to run around to. The platforming isn’t some of the easiest in the series, but that’s something that caught the eye of many gamers. If you missed it, it’s worth a shot.

5 Sonic And The Secret Rings

Despite this game being one of the on-rails entries in the Sonic franchise, people really seem to like it. It’s widely regarded as a great Wii game, and while the additional motion controls don’t always work for games, many feel it worked in Sonic And The Secret Rings.

The story is far from the standard Sonic story and actually features the likes of magical genies. The classic characters from Sonic’s lore still make appearances, but they aren’t exactly themselves, making their inclusion a fun surprise.

4 Sonic Heroes

Who wants to run around as one character when you can run around as three? Sonic Heroes offered a unique take on the Sonic formula by designing the game's levels to be traversable by the three playable characters available at the time.

It’s actually a good idea to experience every single one of the game’s story’s because the different stories act as a kind of difficulty toggle, with Shadow’s being one of the more difficult stories to tackle. Regardless, it’s a fun Sonic adventure with a twist on the classic formula.

3 Sonic Adventure 2

When a lot of people think of Sonic The Hedgehog, their minds go straight to Sonic Adventure 2. It’s not hard to see why as the game features some excellent but tough level design, some of the series' best music tracks, two full stories to play, and tons of characters to play as.

Sonic Adventure 2 is a completionist's dream, and those that enjoy fun side modes will probably love the relatively in-depth Chao garden. There are some technical problems here and there, but there’s a reason people love this game so much.

2 Sonic Adventure

For many people, the difference in quality between Sonic Adventure and the sequel is often minimal, meaning they can be swapped in many people's minds. Both games give Sonic fans hours of content to play with lots of unique character styles.

It’s a classic Sonic story to collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop Doctor Robotnik’s evil plans with Chaos. While it looks a bit dated by modern standards, that’s pretty much the only thing that has declined in quality as this is one of the best efforts from the Sonic Team.

1 Sonic Generations

A lot of fans of the Sonic Series prefer Sonic Generations when it comes to playing through an incredible Sonic story. The entire game is a love letter to the entire series up to that point, and as such, lets you experience classic levels with some modern twists.

The game doesn’t just succeed in the usual 3D gameplay, it also features lots of well-designed 2D sections to sink your teeth into. If you grew up with the Sonic series, but somehow missed this entry, do yourself a favor and try it out.

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