Pokemon Go: Shiny Latios Available Now For A Limited Time

Players who missed their first chance to catch Latios in Pokemon Go now have another opportunity to add the Legendary monster to their collection. The Eon Pokemon has returned to Raid Battles around the globe as part of a special week-long Raid event, and this time around, you may even come across its Shiny form.

Latios will appear in Gyms as a Raid Boss from now until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on April 22. Just as before, you’ll first need to team up with other players in-person and battle the Legendary Pokemon before you can earn a chance to capture it. Like its twin Latias, Latios is a dual Dragon/Psychic Pokemon, making it weak to Ghost- and Dark-types like Gengar and Tyranitar, as well as other Dragon Pokemon like Giratina and Salamence.

The Latios Raid isn’t the only event Niantic is holding in Pokemon Go this week; the developer is also bringing back the annual Egg-themed Eggstravaganza event from April 16-23. During that week, you’ll be able to hatch baby Pokemon like Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby from 2 km Eggs. Additionally, Incubators will be twice as effective as normal during the event, and you’ll receive two times the usual amount of Candy for every Egg you hatch.

On top of those bonuses, Niantic will be distributing special Field Research tasks revolving around Eggs during the Eggstravaganza. The bunny Pokemon Buneary will also appear in the wild more frequently than usual throughout the event, and you’ll have your first opportunity to catch a Shiny Buneary. More details about the event can be found on the Pokemon Go website.

Beyond those events, you still have some time to catch Origin Forme Giratina in Pokemon Go. The Legendary Renegade Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles until April 29. Niantic also recently rolled out a new Lucky Friends feature. Each day, you’ll a chance to become Lucky Friends with a player you’re Best Friends with, guaranteeing you both receive a Lucky Pokemon in one trade.

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