Fortnite X Batman Crossover Event Confirmed: Stream Date And Time

Fortnite is readying itself for another comic book crossover in its free-to-play Battle Royale mode, this time with DC rather than Marvel. The game has teased a “Fortnite x Batman reveal.” The announcement also linked to a stream on YouTube, which is set to premiere in the early morning US hours on Saturday, September 21. You can watch it live as it happens below.

The word of an official announcement follows a datamined leak from recent Fortnite updates, which revealed the existence of Batman-themed items like the grapnel gun and explosive batarang. That almost certainly means that you’ll be able to collect and play with some of Batman’s wonderful toys, but other changes or skins may be coming as well.

Fortnite Batman Reveal Stream Start Time

  • 5 AM PT
  • 8 AM ET
  • 1 PM BST
  • 10 PM AET

Previous superheroic events have let you use the Infinity Gauntlet or don some of the most famous Avengers gear. Other pop culture crossover events in Fortnite have included John Wick, Borderlands, and Stranger Things. Not coincidentally, the reveal date will fall on “Batman Day,” the annual event started by DC Comics to mark the Caped Crusader’s publication anniversary. As it happens, you can get a bunch of free Batman games right now on PC through the Epic Games Store.

While waiting to find out whatever Batman-themed twist Epic is putting on the game, you can check out the changes made in Fortnite’s newest update. Among them is a new party system and a change to where the storm circle can close at the end of matches.

If you’re jumping into Fortnite hoping to catch a glimpse of the Dark Knight, you can also complete some challenges toward your Battle Pass. Check out our challenge guide for tips on how to complete this week’s Storm Racers challenges.

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