Fortnite – Where To Find All Beach Party Locations | 14 Days Of Summer Challenge Guide

The big new event in Fortnite: Battle Royale is 14 Days of Summer is now live following the release of the 9.30 content update patch. Among other things, this introduces new challenges (and accompanying rewards), the first of which asks you to dance at various beach parties. In the video guide above, you’ll find a walkthrough to all six locations you need to visit.

This is a simple challenge in terms of what you’re doing–visiting locations and activating an emote. But Epic Games doesn’t provide you with any kind of map telling you where to go. With these beach parties being a new addition to the map, you’ll have to do a lot of exploring because you need to dance at different beach parties; you can’t keep returning to the same one in different matches. Our guide will help direct you on where to go to ensure you get this done quickly, earning you a new dance emote and checking off one of the 14 challenges you’ll need to complete to earn the special Smoothie back bling available for 14 Days of Summer.

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