You could see your Valorant rank progress in the future

Do you ever wonder how close you are to ranking up or demoting in Valorant? As of right now, there’s no sure way to find out other than to make an educated guess. However, Valorant rank progress is something that you might be able to see in the future.

A datamine shows that there actually is a form of a progression system, and as you might expect, it looks similar to the one in Riot’s other game, League of Legends. Here’s what we know so far.

Valorant rank progress is currently hidden

All you can see concerning your Valorant rank progress is a vague description of how much it changes after each match. There are currently seven different rating changes: increase slightly, increase, increase greatly, no change, decrease greatly, decrease, and decrease slightly.

While this gives us an idea of how our rating is changing, we don’t have exact numbers like in other games. In League of Legends and Overwatch, for example, players see their exact rating. It seems that a system like this is in the game, but players can’t see it yet.

You might be able to see it in the future

The datamine shows four different messages relating to Valorant rank progress:

  • TierProgressAfterUpdate: 42
  • TierProgressBeforeUpdate: 64
  • RankedRatingEarned: 0
  • Competitive Movement: Decrease

This indicates that the player lost their game and their rating went down by 22 from 64 to 42. While there is no mention of it, it seems likely that you would need 100 points to rank up, similar to League of Legends.

While this information isn’t necessary to play, improve, or climb, it gives you a better idea of your exact rank. This should help give players a little more insight into why they aren’t climbing or falling out of their current rank.

We will surely learn more about this soon, especially with a new Valorant episode and act coming in January.

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