Yellow Submarine and Just Error set for an amazing rematch in the EPIC League play-in stage

 With the EPIC League
tiebreakers now complete, and Team Secret being the only team to participating
to avoid playoffs, we now look towards today’s Play-In stage which will feature
eight teams – four from both the Division 1 and 2 Group Stages.

Yesterday we witnessed a plethora of best-of-one Dota 2
action from the EPIC League as multiple teams fought for the final spot in
playoffs – which Team Secret took emphatically. For the remaining four teams;
Team Nigma, Team Liquid, OG and Just Error, the Play-in stage is what awaits
them, which will decide which teams advance into the Division 1 playoffs and
which will drop down into the Division 2 playoffs. The remaining four teams to
join in at the playoffs have come through from the second division and were the
teams which finished in the top four; Yellow Submarine, Live to Win, Spider
Pigzs and Gambit Esports – in that order.

In just a few short hours all eight of these teams will be
going head-to-head in the following series:

  • Team Nigma versus Gambit Esports
  • Team Liquid versus Spider Pigzs
  • OG versus Live to Win
  • Just Error versus Yellow Submarine

While all of these series will be extremely exciting, with
the victors joining in at the Division 1 playoffs, the final series of the day
between Just Error and Yellow Submarine will be the one that we’re focusing on.
When last these two teams met was in the qualifiers for this very event – when Just
Error were given what was almost a free pass into the Division 1 group stages.
This series will be a chance for YeS to extract their revenge and if they take
it, it will be a massive talking point again considering Error’s extremely poor
results in the group stages.

For now we await to see what happens as the EPIC League
play-in stage kicks off later today – with playoffs for both Division 1 and 2
to follow throughout the week. You can catch all the action over on the EPICENTER
Twitch channel.

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