WWE Clarifies Policy on Talent Using Third-Party Platforms

World Wrestling Entertainment management clarified its position on using third-party platforms. On Monday before the live RAW television tapings, the company told talent that they could continue to use third-party streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming, but would have to do so using their real names. The company also told talent that they would need to inform the company about their Twitch and YouTube accounts if they haven’t already. 

This is according to wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, and though The Esports Observer could not independently verify this story, WWE superstar AJ Styles. real name: (Allen Neal Jones), confirmed some of the details during a recent live stream on Twitch.

“From the contacts that I have and the information I have received, WWE wants us to interact with our fans and that includes streaming,” Styles said during the live stream. “They want you to have a YouTube channel. There are things they want you to do to interact with fans. The information we got was a little vague at first, but we’re going to get together and talk about what needs to happen.”

Styles went on to say that some people are using third-party platforms that they knew they couldn’t use but management may have overlooked the activity because of diminished revenue due COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Streaming is not one of those things that are being taken away,” Styles continued. “Neither is YouTube. I’m sure there will be changes to other areas. WWE wants us to stream and interact with our fans.”

Styles also noted that, like other WWE talent, he owns his current in-ring name and persona which the WWE has permission to use as long as he is under contract. 

What still remains unclear is what platforms the WWE doesn’t want talent using, but it appears, at least for the time being, that those superstars using YouTube and Twitch to play games and interact with fans can continue to do so, as long as they don’t use their in-ring names.

For more information on how this situation came about, check out this report from earlier in the week.


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