Wukong's reworked W makes him dash the wrong way when used after Flash in League's PBE

League of Legends fans are eagerly anticipating Wukong’s reworked abilities, which are slated to hit the live servers soon. But an issue with one of the Monkey King’s spells may drive players bananas.

A League fan experimenting with the Monkey King’s reworked kit on the PBE discovered an inconsistency and posted their findings on Reddit today. The new dash on Wukong’s Warrior Trickster (W) seemingly goes in the wrong direction when used immediately after Flash. Dot Esports tested this out on the PBE and encountered the same problem.

Wukongs new W works incorrectly with flash. PBE

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Using Warrior Trickster in immediate succession to Flash should ideally cover a lot of ground when closing the gap between the monkey and his victim. The ability in its current form, however, makes Wukong dash in the opposite direction of the cursor after using the summoner spell.

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