Where will Griffin’s 2019 League roster be playing in the upcoming season?

Griffin is one of the most popular teams in the League of Legends Champions Korea league (LCK). And this isn’t because there’s a historical legacy behind it, but rather, because of how far the team climbed over the course of only two seasons.

The team only qualified for the LCK in 2018. But in the LCK, Griffin were a force to be reckoned with from the beginning. The team finished its first regular season in second place. With no roster changes, Griffin just kept improving. And this year, it resulted in winning the organization’s first presence at Worlds.

But the roster hasn’t had it easy. A number of issues regarding the players’ contracts and management surfaced to the public, so the players announced free agency as soon as they could. Being as skilled as they are, it was expected that they’d quickly get picked up by other LCK teams in case they decided not to stay with Griffin.

Here’s where Griffin’s famous five have found homes for the upcoming season.

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