WESG Is Holding Out On Paying Windigo $500,000 In Prize Money (Again)

Despite winning WESG 2018 almost a year ago, the event organizer has apparently failed to pay $500,000 in prize money to Windigo – the team that won the event.

The finals for WESG 2018 were played in March of 2019, meaning that the prize money has gone unpaid for almost a year. Further complicating matters is that Windigo ceased their CS:GO operations in October of 2019, meaning that none of the players that played at the event are contracted to the organization anymore. This is the point where a Dot Esports article says the first complaint about a lack of prize money had been made, though WESG had apparently reached out to solve the issue at the time.

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Fast forward to yesterday, when ex-Windigo player Victor “v1c7oR” Dyankov took to Twitter saying:

The tweet was met with a response from a number of other players who claimed that they had received their payouts for the tournament. This left Windigo as seemingly the only one who had not been paid by WESG. Casper “Ruggah” Due, suggested that perhaps the money was being held by the Windigo organization, though v1c7oR quickly shut down that theory.

Other’s such as, Jake Lucky and Dan “Pluto” Shatrov, instead pointed to issues with Windigo’s bank accounts:

So far, this is all pure speculation and there has been no formal confirmation for any of these explanations that have been put forth as of now. Furthermore, neither WESG or Windigo has commented publicly about the situation.

Regardless of where the blame lies, both Windigo and WESG should do everything in their power to find a solution to this problem as quickly as possible. $500,000 is no small chunk of change, and it’s frankly unacceptable that this issue has been going on for nearly a year. This certainly could hurt the reputation of an event organizer like WESG.

If it is an issue with Windigo’s bank accounts, that could present a bigger problem. As Windigo no longer operates a CS:GO team, it would be interesting to know the legal precedent for this situation. Typically, players get the lion’s share of the prize money, but it seems that it would have to paid to Windigo first. Since none of the players are contracted with the organization, would they then still have to pay out the prize money owed to their former players?

This is a bad look for both Windigo, for failing to get their players’ money, and WESG for failing to find a way of paying them in a reasonable time frame. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how this story unfolds over the coming weeks.

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