WePlay! unveil Clutch Island invite list & details – CIS RMR event

The teams invited to the CIS Regional Major Rankings tournament run by WePlay! have been revealed. The tournament organizer has revealed that the open qualifiers will run from June 8th to 10th with the top three finishers moving into the closed qualifiers where they will be met by the five invited teams.

Nemiga, Syman, forZe, Gambit Youngsters, and Espada will then battle it out against the three open qualifier teams to decide which three will move into the main event where Hard Legion,, Natus Vincere, Winstrike, and Spirit await.

In terms of how they decided the invitiations, WePlay! said the following in the official announcement: “the invites to the tournament are given according to the teams’ current RMR positions. The teams placed tenth to sixth will start with Closed Qualifiers alongside Open Quals winners.”

Closed qualifier invites:

  • Nemiga
  • Syman
  • forZe
  • Gambit Youngsters
  • Espada
  • Open Qualifier
  • Open Qualifier
  • Open Qualifier

The closed qualifier will consist of two groups competing in the GSL format with the top two teams from each group moving into the final group where only three will move on.

Main event invites:

  • Hard Legion
  • Natus Vincere
  • Winstrike
  • Spirit
  • Closed Qualifier winner
  • Closed Qualifier runner-up
  • Closed Qualifier third place

Once again a two group GSL-format will make up the group stage for the main event. The top four teams will move into the playoffs leading into the grand finals. The determine the remaining points split “There will also be matches between teams that haven’t progressed through groups. Group “A” third-placer will meet with Group “B” third-placer. The teams placed fourth will also meet in the same way.”

Interested in joining the open qualifiers? You can register for the three events here:

  1. Link #1
  2. Link #2
  3. Link #3

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