WePlay Esports expands into fighting games with WePlay Dragon Temple Mortal Kombat 11 event

A new battle begins as WePlay Esports joins the FGC.

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WePlay Esports has been planning on expanding its roster of tournaments into new games. And from Dec. 10 to 13, the production will test its might with Mortal Kombat 11

WePlay Dragon Temple will mark the first time the organizer will host a fighting game event. The tournament will feature top MK players taking the stage at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv to fight over a $60,000 prize pool.

As with most WePlay events, there will be a group stage and playoff portion of the tournament, with groups running a round-robin format. The top four fighters from each group will advance and play in a set of best-of-five, double-elimination matches in the playoffs. 

“We at WePlay Esports recognize that fighting games have all they need to become a form of mass entertainment, just like boxing and UFC,” WePlay Esports general manager Americas Anton Gribovskiy said. “The potential audience of these titles is enormous and includes many generations of casual players. Everyone interested in the MK multiverse will enjoy WePlay Dragon Temple. Our teams will do their best to make this event special, so don’t miss it.”

This will be the first fighting game tournament for WePlay Esports, as well as the first event hosted in the custom-built WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv.

“With WePlay Dragon Temple, our team gets to create a new experience in a title we have never worked on before,” WePlay Esports lead esports manager Eugene “Hitras” Shepelev said. “We are probably as excited as the fans will be when they see all the great matchups we have planned for them. We intend to provide the same level of entertainment you have come to know us for.”

Because WePlay Dragon Temple is going to be run like a LAN event but won’t feature a live audience, WePlay Esports is organizing a special battle for viewers watching from home. 

The Mortal Selfality video event will allow viewers to record videos of themselves performing sequences of punches, kicks, and blocks that will be used against another viewer placed in front of them. Simply set your camera horizontally, film your hits and kicks, and perform a unique fatality that will leave your opponent stunned. 

The top-eight fan submissions will make it into the top cut and face off against the players and talent in new videos at the Dragon Temple. Whoever wins will walk away with a PlayStation 5. Every top-eight finisher will earn some WePlay merch for making it that far, though.

You can watch WePlay Dragon Temple, presented by DashFight, from Dec. 10 to 13 on WePlay’s Twitch channel. For more information about the event, players competing in the event, and who will host and commentate the matches, you can check out WePlay’s Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit. 

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