VPGAME and Mineski Global enter collaboration for the growth of SEA esports

Southeast Asian esports just got an upgrade.

Today, the two giants of Southeast Asian esports, VPGAME and
Mineski Global, announced their collaboration to promote and nurture the
esports scene in the region. To achieve this goal, both organizations will be
sharing resources to put a multi-stage plan into action.

VPGAME brings to the partnership esports marketing data and
a platform for Mineski Global to advertise their regional events via In addition to this, Mineski Global and VPGAME aim to launch joint
tournaments with Mineski Global in charge of event organizing and local
marketing, and VPGAME to handle community activations and reward distribution.
VPGAME also hopes to use gamer feedback from these events to improve the
quality of the service they provide through the VPGAME Esports app, available
on Google Play and App Store.

This collaboration is in line with the vision of both
esports brands to increase the quality of events in the region while nurturing
the competitive gaming scene from grassroots to the professional level.

This is the third of VPGAME’s major esports collaborations
this year. Last October, VPGAME worked with NimoTV, one of SEA’s biggest
streaming platforms, to provide coverage of the Indonesian leg of the Mobile
Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 6. VPGAME is also partnered with to elevate the level of esports coverage in the country.


VPGAME is a leading integrated esports platform that brings various services (First-hand esports news, real-time score, virtual item exchange, in-game interaction, data/stats analysis service, etc.) to millions of esports fans globally, from casual gamers to professional players. With the vision of building an esports service ecosystem, VPGAME is committed to develop the world’s first esports service platform to fully meet different user scenarios and serves mainstream eSports game users such as Dota 2, LOL, OW, CS:GO.

VPGAME is also the sister organization of the renowned LGD-Gaming, one of the most accomplished esports organizations in China and around the world. Earlier this year, VPGAME has shown commitment to the esports scene as they collaborated with one of SEA’s biggest streaming platforms – NimoTV to provide coverage and events during the Mobile Legends Pro League Season 6. Collaboration has also grown in many other regions and platforms with companies like Indoesports, BOOM, etc.

For more information please visit or download the “VPGame” app.

About Mineski Global

Mineski Global is
the pioneer esports company of Southeast Asia that has a track record of
holding esports tournaments in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and the
rest of the world thanks to broad and extensive experience in all aspects of
esports and gaming since 2004. Mineski Global aims to unify gamers into the
largest sports community through content, events, and other engagement

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