Void Spirit receives even more nerfs

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Valve has released another small, unnamed balance patch. This time, Void Spirit is the target of IceFrog’s nerf hammer, and it’s no surprise to those who’ve tried or played against the hero.

Void Spirit is currently sporting a 56 percent win rate despite being picked in almost 40 percent of games. The Intelligence hero is capable of taking any core role and works well with or without an ally. He’s pretty much self-sufficient on all fronts, and his array of low-cooldown, high-damage spells means that he’s always ready to take the fight to his opponents.

Now that players are getting more used to the hero, they are discovering the absurd amount of magic damage he can output. Couple that with some top-class mobility and you get a hero that kills everything in his way and yet remains unkillable.

Void Spirit

  • Changed Resonant Pulse base damage from 70/130/190/250 -> 70/120/170/220 (excluding talent)
  • Changed base absorption amount from 50/100/150/200 -> 40/80/120/160
  • Changed impact damage on Aether Remnant from 90/150/210/270 -> 80/130/180/230
  • Changed Dissimilate damage from 120/200/280/360 -> 100/180/260/340
  • Changed Astral Step cast point from 0.2 -> 0.3

Every single Void Spirit skill has been hit by the nerf bat. All three of his primary skills have had their damage decreased, and Resonant Pulse received an additional nerf to its defensive mechanic. Astral Step is now slightly less obnoxious and will be more forgiving for opponents looking to chain stun the Void Spirit.

While the hero is overpowered right now, he’s a genuinely fun hero that’s easy enough for most people to pick up. There might still be litany of nerfs for Inai, but he’s strong enough to justify a few decreases to his numbers and still be fun to play.

The hero might have been nerfed, but still remains a strong blind pick and is versatile enough to occupy multiple lanes. If you can’t beat them, join them with an in-depth look at Inai, the Void Spirit.

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