eSports are the first grand finalists at Dota Summit 13 Europe and CIS

Dota Summit 13 is approaching the finals in all three major regions, but while the Southeast Asia division is disputing the upper bracket finals today, two grand finalists have been already decided in the other regions.

Unlike the other two regional battles, the Europe and CIS playoff is held in a single-elimination bracket, thus three teams got eliminated on the first day of matches, while secured a spot into the grand finals. started the day with a challenge thrown by Live to Win, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev’s newest team. The Europeans dominated the first 30 minutes of game one, courtesy of their powerful Drow-Vengeful Spirit combo, keeping their opponents’ snowball potential contained extremely well. However, Live to Win were looking to capitalize on any small mistake and steal the game with one big push if they would have been allowed. Their Nature’s Prophet, Death Prophet and Phantom Lancer tri-core was built to melt down buildings, but it was also a scary line-up to go against in a late game scenario.  Past the 35-minute mark Live to Win started to slowly build their comeback into the game and took all Vikin’s advantage winning fight after fight, until they secured mega creeps and the game one victory.

Going into the second game, played at a much faster tempo, forcing team fights from early stages with their Faceless Void-Bloodseeker-Dragon knight trio core and didn’t allow Live to Win to find the farm for their Troll Warlord. After a 64-minute-long first game, they pushed the series to a game three in 30 minutes and proceeded to eliminate SoNNeiKO and co from the tournament with even a faster victory in game three.

The other semifinal pitted Ninjas in Pyjamas against mudgolems and it was another series that went the distance. mudgolems took the first game victory with a mid lane Snapfire and an Io-Sven duo, but although the Snapfire didn’t get banned or picked by NiP in the second game, they swapped the mid lane hero and put Duško “BoraNija” Boranijaševic on Storm Spirit, one of his most successful heroes. Unfortunately, they lost the mid lane match-up to a Lina and their Sven-Io duo faded away in front of NiP’s Terrorblade. They insisted with the same duo for game three, while also securing the Mars-Snapire combo as well. However, Snapfire was played from the support position and once again they lacked the damage to take down Charlie “CharlieDota” Arat’s Terrorblade, who finished the match 11-0-10 to secure NiP a chance at making it to the grand finals.

Playoffs day one closed with taking on NiP for a top two finish at Dota Summit 13 and, unfortunately for the latter, Vikin proved to be a tough opponent.

Game one brought once again the Drow-Venge duo from and it turned out to be the perfect counter of NiP’s Faceless Void. Charlie went for the standard Mask of Madness – Battle Fury build and found out extremely fast that his Chronosphere on Drow was ineffective as Venge was always swapping her out allowing her to take down the Void with her right click damage. The questionable item choices led to NiP losing game one and not even their Terrorblade could save them from elimination in game two.

With reaching the grand finals, day two of Europe and CIS playoffs will kick off today at 17:00 CET with other four teams fighting for a shot at the grand finals. The opening series are Team Liquid versus Brame and Khan versus Yellow Submarine, with the winners of each series going up against each other to join in tomorrow’s best-of-five grand finals.   

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