VALORANT's limited-time Snowball Fight mode is now live

“Season’s beatings.”

What better way is there to celebrate the holidays than by stuffing snow in your opponents’ faces?

VALORANT‘s Snowball Fight mode hit the live servers today and will last until Dec. 29. Players that participate in the new game mode will unlock the Snowbro Gun Buddy for free.

Snowball Fight is a five-vs-five race to 50 kills, offering unlimited respawns and unique power-ups. Players will encounter random gifts around the map, unlocking perks like faster fire rate, ricocheting projectiles, snowballs that grow mid-air, and skates that will help you move quicker and jump higher.

While the new mode won’t help you progress through missions, players will earn 750 XP per match. And a victory will earn you an extra 150 XP.

Riot did experience a minor hiccup with Snowball Fight, with certain “issues” delaying its release. But players can finally experience all the fun of a snow day without getting cold and wet.

You can only jump into the festive fray on Icebox for now. But Snowball Fight will be available on all maps next week.

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