VALORANT economy system explained in detail

Similar to Counter-Strike, VALORANT is set to be based largely around an economic system that will allow players to purchase their weapons, shields, and a selection of character-based abilities.

What we hadn’t been given yet is just how that economy would be built. Is the money earned per elimination based on the weapon? Is it largely from win or loss? Is there another new impact?

Well thanks to a video from YouTuber Jack “jackfrags” Mason, we now have the answers to those questions.

In a video titled “Valorant Gameplay and First Impressions,” jackfrags gives us an in-depth look at gameplay from the game and helps us to understand the economy.

According to the video, eliminations will provide a flat rate of $200 which differs greatly from CS:GO where it’s based on what weapon you get the kill with. A knife kill earning far more than a kill with an AWP for instance.

In terms of wins and losses, a round win will earn the winning team $3,000 straight to their wallets. A loss on the otherhand will work similarly to Counter-Strike where consecutive losses will begin to earn a larger sum in an attempt to get the team back in the game.

The first loss will provide the losing team with $1,900 while it will build up from there to a max of $2,900, $100 shy of the $3,000 winning bonus.

  • Kill = $200.
  • Round win = $3000.
  • Round loss = $1900 – $2900.

The game is still in the early stages though with the beta not yet announced, so don’t be surprised if it still gets a bit more finetuning before it’s officially released.

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