UK Esports Awards welcomes Pure Scooters as sponsor

UK Esports Awards has unveiled another sponsor ahead of its second show in the form of Pure Scooters.

The electric scooter retailer will act as the pre-drinks partner and give away two products at the show, which takes place on August 3rd.

Gaming monitor manufacturer AOC was announced as a returning sponsor for the UK Esports Awards earlier this month, coming back as the after party host. Program Projects is the broadcast partner of the awards, and UKCSGO will act as a media partner.

Abi Blanche Martin, Head of Marketing at PURE Scooters commented: “Pure Scooters is delighted to partner with the 2019 UK Esports Awards recognising the best of Esports Talent in the UK.”

This year, the awards have been split into four categories:

Under the ‘Gaming’ category are ‘Player Of The Year’, ‘Team/Org Of The Year’, and ‘Manager Of The Year’.

Under the ‘Presentation category are ‘Caster Of The Year’, ‘Presenter Of The Year’, ‘Streamer Of The Year’, and ‘Tournament Of The Year’.

Under the ‘Backstage’ category are ‘Admin Of The Year’, ‘Photographer Of The Year’, ‘Videographer Of The Year’, ‘Reporter Of The Year’, ‘Service Provider Of The Year’, and ‘Backstage Hero’.

Under the ‘Memes & dreams’ category are ‘Banter Of The Year’ and ‘Wooden Spoon’.

Disclaimer: Esports Insider is a media partner of the UK Esports Awards.

Esports Insider says: It’s interesting to see a company that has no explicit ties to esports get involved with this show. While some people are critical of award shows in esports, it’s awesome to see some recognition given to those who are working hard to push the industry forward in the UK; it’s even better that companies are supporting this initiative.

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