Trample over enemies with this mythic green Kaldheim spoiler

The most metal elephant in Magic: The Gathering history has arrived in the latest Kaldheim spoiler.

Battle Mammoth, a beefy green mythic creature, is loaded with abilities and keywords that all but guarantees it will see play. Let’s take a look at this new Kaldheim spoiler and what the Mammoth is stomping over next.

Trample over everything with this Kaldheim spoiler

As a five-mana 6/5 with Trample, Battle Mammoth is already set up to be an efficient creature. Mono-Green Food decks are drooling over the inclusion of this efficient attacker. The Mammoth doesn’t stop there, however. Battle Mammoth comes with an extra ability that allows the controller to draw a card when a permanent they control becomes the target of a spell or ability. That ability doesn’t even have to resolve, players still draw a card.

Battle Mammoth also has the Foretell ability. By paying two-mana players can exile Battle Mammoth from their hand and save it for a later turn. Battle Mammoth can then be cast again for just four-mana. Paying the Foretell cost on turn two can set players back, changing an early aggressive play to a more mid-range strategy. With a little mana ramp though, Battle Mammoth can be cast as early as turn three so the trade-off may be worth it.

This Kaldheim spoiler has a lot of potential in formats like Commander and Brawl. Players will have to rethink their targeted removal spells with Battle Mammoth on board. The Mammoth paints a huge target on it, but it may draw fire away from other important creatures as well.

Battle Mammoth competes with other green beasts

At five-mana, Battle Mammoth competes with another massive green beast, Elder Gargaroth. Elder Gargaroth is also loaded with keywords and the choice between one of three bonuses when it attacks and blocks. Elder Gargaroth may see more play for a bit since it has a bigger impact on the board. Battle Mammoth, however, has Foretell so it can sit outside of the game to dodge discard spells or to wait for an opportune time to cast it. This Kaldheim spoiler may not immediately find a place in Standard but will be an interesting addition to the game.

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