TNC Predator fines Gabbi for sexist remarks in public matchmaking

Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte made sexist comments towards a teammate yesterday,  in one of his public matchmaking games. He was matched with the Malaysian streamer Hishiko and another player who already harassed Hishiko in the previous game.

The game Gabbi was matched in, featured a lot of toxic comments between Hishiko and this other teammate and unfortunately, the TNC carry contributed to even more sexist remarks against her. Comments like “you talk too much for a girl” coming from Gabbi escalated into “do u have (your) period right now.”

Full chat history can be found here

Hishiko posted on Twitter screenshots of the in-game chat, however, later on, she deleted all her posts. After the game was over, the argue between her and Gabbi continued on Twitter with the TNC’s carry accusing
Hishiko of trying to ruin his career.

Later in the day, both parties deleted their Twitter posts and Gabbi issued an apology for his words.

Gabbi stated that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized for it and explained that he let the sexist comments slip through because he got annoyed by constant trash talking between Hishiko and the other player.

In the aftermath of the whole situation, TNC Predator have also apologized for their player’s remarks and announced that he will be fined.

However, the organization didn’t give any details on the fine or the actions they will take to prevent similar incidents from happening. 

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