This week in Chinese esports: Star Wars, LGD Gaming

As part of our partnership with China Electronic Athletics, we’re bringing you the biggest headlines from the esports industry in China every week. This week in Chinese esports saw LPL work with Star Wars, Tencent partner with Chushou TV, and LGD Gaming launch a team with Esportsplay Gaming.

LPL All-Star event releases Stars Wars trailer

LPL released the trailer of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at the LPL All-Star 2019. The trailer also integrated LPL players and matches with the film, with robot BB-8 appearing at the ceremony to interact with those in attendance.

China Electronic Athletics says: In the past, esports tournaments have always been compared with traditional sports tournaments with the likes of NBA and NFL. LPL has demonstrated another approach to show off the esports culture, which is more acceptable for young people and represents the diversity of esports. With the release of the LPL x Star Wars trailer, we will soon find out whether esports can be accepted by mainstream culture or not at this time.

Tencent partners with Chushou TV

Tencent announced a partnership with Chinese live streaming platform Chushou TV. Chushou has acquired the rights to Tencent’s games, live streams, videos and pictures with game elements. Tencent also announced that both organisations will research and develop game advertisement products and share profits with each other.

China Electronic Athletics says: Tencent has been dedicated to focusing on user-generated content and professional generated content. Currently, it’s becoming more open and is willing to try more approaches. By launching this partnership with Chushou, the leading live streaming platform which focuses on mobile esports, more innovative content may emerge in the future.

LGD Gaming partners with Esportsplay to establish Philippines Dota 2 team

LGD Gaming announced the establishment of the LGD International team in the Philippines. LGD Gaming has partnered with Esportsplay Gaming to form a Dota 2 team that will compete in the SEA region. According to the announcement, the establishment of aims to cultivate esports talent in the Philippines and accelerate the development of its local esports industry.

China Electronic Athletics says: was once formed in 2012 and the team was invited to participate in The International 2013. However, the current rule doesn’t allow a single esports club to own two Dota 2 teams at the prestigious, flagship event. This approach may solve the current problem in the Chinese Dota 2 scene but it still cannot solve the underlying problem.

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