Theros: Beyond Death's best and worst White commons and uncommons for Limited

Theros: Beyond Death (THB) is just around the corner, but before you hit that draft table, it’s time to brush up on the top commons and uncommons that will lead you to victory. Here’s the best (and worst) White cards for Limited.

Banishing Light

Banishing Light is back and remains one of the best Limited plays around. This flexible enchantment is solid removal for almost anything else on the battlefield. As a bonus, this sticks around to raise your White devotion, and triggers Constellation too if that’s your jam.

Revoke Existence

Slightly less flexible than Banishing Light, Revoke Existence instead serves as more permanent and focused removal. However, the cost is well worth it, as there will be no shortage of enchantments around to exile out of existence. This card even bops those pesky, indestructible Gods of Theros, all for just two mana.

Daybreak Chimera

It’s hard to imagine a better positioned card in White Limited than Daybreak Chimera. It is a solid body with wings, and with enough devotion it can cost just two mana. This will be a reliable beater at any point in the game that you can cast it, and anybody playing against a White deck should come prepared to face this three-headed air force.

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