The winning decks from Runeterra's Korea Invitational

Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert crushed the Korean competition in the recently concluded Legends of Runeterra Invitational to win the first major prize pool in Riot Games’ CCG. In the grand finals, Xixo met former SKT teammate Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo in what became one of the quickest series of the tournament.

Xixo’s Spider Aggro and Lucian Elites decks got him to a nice 2-0 lead but his Ezreal Combo deck found itself under heavy pressure from Surrender’s own spiders. Here, some clutch draws from Xixo helped him stabilize, as he found all of his Ezreals and sneaked a couple of Elusive attacks to clean some of the board with the free Mystic Shots. Hanging on just a few Nexus hit points, Xixo managed to level up his Ezreal and burst down Surrender for exact lethal of 12 damage before the Korean could rally his final attack.

For his championship, Xixo takes home 7M KRW, or approx. $5,600, out of the entire $12,000 prize pool.

Xixo’s Runeterra Invitational championship decks

Lucian Elites

S/N Spider Aggro

Ezreal combo

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