The LoL World Championship was the most popular esports tournament of 2019 based on hours watched and peak viewers

League of Legends is still the king of esports viewership.

According to Esports Charts, the LoL World Championship had a whopping 3.9 million people at its peak during the tournament’s semi-finals between the LCK’s T1 and Europe’s G2 Esports. This eclipsed the Fortnite World Cup Finals, which had the second-most viewers at its peak with 2.3 million. The Free Fire World Series in Rio De Janeiro came in third with two million peak viewers.

Esports Charts on Twitter

TOP esports events of 2019 by Hours Watched: #1 – #Worlds19 @lolesports (136 h.) #2 – #TI9 @dota2ti (122 h.) #3 – #KatowiceMajor @IEM (135 h.) #4 – #BerlinMajor @StarLadderCSGO (129 h.) #5 – #MSI2019 @lolesports (84 h.) TOP by Average & Peak Viewers:

Based on hours watched, Worlds 2019 was unmatched as well—the tournament saw a 66 percent increase from last year, going from 83 million hours watched to an astounding 137 million hours watched. The International came in second with 88 million hours watched, while CS:GO‘s IEM Katowice Major had 53 million hours watched.

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