The Force Seekers expansion now available in Teppen

Akuma has awakened and is ready to tear apart the meta. The Force Seekers expansion is available in Teppen

This expansion adds Akuma to the roster of characters you can build your deck around while also adding 36 new cards and a new status called “Ascended.”

While Akuma is the main focus of the set, Ascended completely changes how certain situations will play out in close matches. This status allows you to play a unit over an active unit, destroying the bottom card and giving buffs to the new unit that’s placed on top of it. 

Against stall decks like Morrigan or some Dante builds, this could let you completely bypass their Halt status inflicting abilities by simply destroying your units and replacing them with something else. It’s almost an added bonus that your new cards could get buffs because being able to replace cards on the field is a great tech. 

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