The best restricted Legendary Pokémon for VGC Series 8

The VGC Series Eight format will allow players to use one restricted Legendary Pokémon in competitive battles. Each one of these Pokémon offers something different, but not all of them are worth the investment. Here are the four best ones to choose from.


Xerneas has been a staple in restricted VGC formats in the past due to the move Geomancy. Geomancy is a two-turn move that charges up for a turn and then increases Xerneas’ Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed by two stages. With a Power Herb, it can use Geomancy in just one turn. Once Xerneas gets Geomancy off, it becomes extremely difficult for opposing Pokémon to deal with.


Zacian is new to competitive battling in VGC Series Eight, but there’s nothing that suggests it won’t be extremely powerful. As a Steel-type, it will have an excellent matchup against Xerneas as well as a good defensive typing in general. Its ability, Intrepid Sword, increases its Attack and it has an excellent Steel attack in Behemoth Blade (assuming it’s holding the Rusted Sword). It has a whopping 138 Speed and 130 Attack, so it should become a quick staple.


Kyogre’s ability, Drizzle, makes it a great option for rain teams. There are some decent legal Swift Swim Pokémon in the VGC Series Eight format, so Kyogre could help them out. On top of this, it functions well as defensive Pokémon or a special attacker due to its high base stats. While it’s more niche, it will surely get a decent amount of play in the format.

Calyrex (Ice Rider)

Given how successful Glastrier was, it seems likely that Ice Rider Calyrex will also be good. It has a low 50 Speed, which makes it a good candidate for Trick Room, like Glastrier. It has a higher Attack, Defense, and Special Defense than Glastrier in its combined form, along with a bigger movepool and two abilities. Don’t hesitate to give it a try, especially in Trick Room teams.

VGC Series Eight is bound to be full of exciting new teams and Pokémon. Be sure to check out all the options and see which restricted Legendary works best with other Pokémon.

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