Teamfight Tactics Set 3 trailer breaks down all the Origins and Classes debuting in Galaxies

Teamfight Tactics Galaxies is looking to be the best thing to happen to space since Star Wars—and it might have a shot.

Riot revealed a gameplay trailer for the autobattler’s third set, which introduces fans to all the new Classes and Origins that Galaxies has to offer. TANA, the Tactical Autobattler Navigation Assistant, explains that intergalactic forces of “good and evil” are causing “celestial phenomena” on the Convergence. The automaton then breaks down the new traits debuting with Galaxies.

Galaxies appears to offer a wide variety of Origins and Classes that are each unique and fun to play. Pair that with several new mechanics and this may be the most varied TFT set yet.

Major Origins, like Celestials or Dark Stars, will give huge payout when delved into, even if they’re a bit harder to pull off. Celestials heal themselves throughout a fight, giving sustain similar to season one Nobles. Dark Stars, on the other hand, build damage stacking buffs as the units fall, gaining power toward the end of the round.

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